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From the gallery someone proposed three cheers for the lecturer, which were given with enthusiasm.
Those who knew his books found the author in the lecturer.
Probably, the closer contact with his audience as lecturer than as writer satisfied his hunger for sympathy.
He also enjoyed considerable popularity as a lecturer on art.
She later built a career as a writer and part-time lecturer at a small local college.
Her sculptures have drawn crowds to gallery shows, and she is in demand as a lecturer.
He came from an educated stock, his father having been a surgeon and lecturer on chemistry.
Lesley has worked as a research scientist and university lecturer in environmental sciences and biology.
First, record the neural output of a lecturer, along with the lecture itself.
Coupled with depressed lecturer's wages and a car that wouldn't survive the commute, the writing was on the wall.
If all goes well, every university lecturer in the country will soon be able to vet his students' submissions with it.
The lecture is a medieval holdover from the days when the way to get your textbook was to copy it down as the lecturer spoke.
Community organizer, part time lecturer and then to the real non job, the politician.
The lecturer before me dealt with the ethics of the conservation movement.
He was also a magazine editor and a lecturer and broadcaster.
The place is a visiting lecturer's dream, or the ideal of a campus-movie director in search of a setting.

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