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The object of this lecture was to present some of the romantic incidents which characterized the early settlement of the west.
His donnish prattle has all the charm of a nine o'clock lecture in a draughty, badly-lit room.
Wendy gives a lecture about the cheetah and conservation.
Learn how the brain processes sound in an exhibit, a lecture and a gallery.
His lecture focused mainly on trees, and it blew my mind.
Now she bans laptops in her large lecture courses and has a clause in her syllabus about the inappropriate use of technology.
Wireless technology has been installed, providing access to an on-board intranet housing course materials and lecture schedules.
My immediate job this time was to lecture aboard the boat.
For example, professors can now post lecture notes, quizzes and reading lists online.
Afterward, he joked that his friend now owed him a beer, or else a guest lecture in return.
In a quiet, darkened lecture room, you begin a frustrating fight against fatigue.
You're looking at footage at a somewhat infamous scam lecture an actor gave to a group of psychiatrists, about game theory.
The audience was also treated to a space show, a quiz and a lecture from a space expert.
He has started accepting interviews-usually a few per week-and plans to return to the lecture circuit sometime next year.
Here try this fantastic lecture by a paleoclimatologist.
You'll visit the onsite museum and hear a brief lecture about the gorge from the resident anthropologist.
First he had to restore the family fortune on the lecture circuit, which well rewarded his erudition and wit.
Which is why having universities lecture on entrepreneurship is such an oxymoron.
The lecture series got off to a quick and fairly successful start.
Pundits are dispatched regularly to lecture the locals about responsible fishing.
Conversely, if you are in church don't expect a science lecture.
The packed lecture hall seemed to prove students are eager not to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors.
The lecture was so boring and the skinheads became so inebriated they couldn't walk unaided.
Most people around him never noticed anything unusual, even if he was giving a lecture.
If you're looking for a little cerebral stimulation, consider taking in a lecture.
Thunder was unknowingly working in this tradition, welcoming tourists to see the art and hear the lecture.
Many of the pictures and details created discussions after the lecture.
You'll find demos of new innovations, see what the students are up to, or watch a fascinating lecture.
Occasionally a poet might supplement his or her income by giving a reading or lecture, but these occasions were rare.
With extinct, all you get is lecture time on the evils of capitalism.
He left behind him reams of unpublished and barely decipherable manuscripts of his lecture courses, seminars, and conferences.
Imho, a lecture is okay, particularly if it hits some interesting points.
It was also interesting that you brought up dialectics, for you do not indulge in dialogue, you lecture and bully.
Her lecture today covered creative ways to convince corporations to buy and sell fish caught in a sustainable manner.
Hart, who has been on the lecture circuit, noticed that audiences rarely raised questions about his personal life.
Headphones can solve this problem if you're tuning in, say, at your cubicle or in the back of a lecture hall.
In one experiment, college students were given the option of studying or attending a lecture by an author they admired.
There is always an email to answer, a paper or memo to read, and a lecture to give or receive.
It was resonant enough to hold a large lecture-hall audience rapt.
Lecture-related events are free and open to the public.

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