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Boil the cabbage whole in a large pot of water for three to five minutes, or until the leaves turn bright green.
It leaves a really bad impression, especially the bold.
After raking leaves in the fall, put them to good use with leaf composting.
Depending on where you live, you may still have a few tenacious leaves hanging onto their trees.
The reddish leaves curl into tubes that lure insects that fall into digestive enzymes in the bottom, feeding the plant.
Wrinkled, dull green, finely toothed leaves are oval or lance-shaped.
Tree branches have inspired efficient transit networks, but a new study finds inspiration in leaves.
Rhubarb leaves poisoning occurs when someone eats pieces of leaves from the rhubarb plant.
The company leaves it up to individual professors to determine plagiarism.
And the ability of migrants to communicate with home directly leaves less room for sometimes criminal middlemen.
But nutrient withdrawal takes time, and the process leaves the leaves vulnerable to damage from sunlight.
Gold-frosted chocolate leaves dress up holiday desserts.
Whacking someone with a pistol leaves a lot more than blood on your hands.
It is perplexing that people move to leafy suburbs and then wage a mechanized war on leaves.
They spend nearly all of their time in trees, where they eat eucalyptus leaves.
Pronghorns survive harsh winters on the barest intake of sage leaves they paw from the snow.
Anthracnose is a fungal disease that afflicts leaves and tender shoots as they emerge in spring.
Cut away and discard any tough spinach stems and blemished leaves.
Automobiles, such as this bus seen in a file photo, spew exhaust that deposits metallic fragments on leaves.
Tsunami-spawning quake leaves geophysical changes.
Then they weave bundles of green leaves into latticework to create a rainproof skin.
Gray-green leaves tend to drop off around bloom time, but this partly deciduous tree does not lose all of its foliage.
Leaves which are in shadow from the projection move out to find the projector's light.
The beauty of autumnal maple leaves appears through a screen door.
Banana trees have these tightly coiled leaves coming up, and then the banana flowers lean down over that.
It never leaves behind the human, yet it also seems to look beyond it.
Narrow, shiny dark green leaves are attractive all year.
The pathogen makes its presence known to humans through crimson pustules on the plant's stems and leaves.
Small to large tree with broad, rounded crown of spreading or drooping branches and the largest leaves of all maples.
Older trees tend to produce blooms on all branches and drop all their leaves before flowers appear.
As the leaves flip, they snap together, trapping an insect inside.
It's significantly more efficient and leaves the planet habitable.
Seen up close, the whooping crane leaves little doubt that birds are descendants of dinosaurs.
So those tasty leaves aren't around long, especially in warm weather.
The colours were so rich and the leaves were so thick.
Plants also discourage animal browsing on green leaves and immature fruits with a bitter taste.
Dead leaves drift on the green, cloudy water that's nearly to the brim of the six-million-gallon open concrete reservoir.
Grows in large tufts with flowers in narrow clusters on stiff stalks, flower stalks twice the height of the leaves.
What is called evaporation leaves an empty six pole or six sided wax structure.
Tree frogs have suction disks on their fingers and toes that help them stick to leaves.
If a gun is recovered, a forensic scientist test-fires it to determine the markings it leaves on bullets and cartridge casings.
They cannot get by eating only relatively poor-quality food such as leaves.
The cylindrical leaves turn red in fall and winter, green up again in spring.
Attach leaves to your hair with bobby pins or by pinning them to a headband.
It concludes a long search but also leaves questions unanswered.
Military applications would include robot snipers that could live in the woods, feeding on leaves and shrubs.
Leaves vary from pale to dark green, usually divided into leaflets.
Chimpanzees usually sleep in the trees as well, employing nests of leaves.
For some people, burning leaves and the woody, damp crisp smell of fall can do it.
Blooms appear from late winter into spring, both before leaves emerge and as they open.
She cut off the large leaves and cleaned the stringy stalks with a paring knife.
Leaves emerge purplish in spring, turn bright green by summer.
The only difference was leaves on the branches in the fall, and no leaves on branches in the spring.
Except as noted, fleshy leaves are rich green more add to my plant list.
Leaves are thus adapted to the light intensities they experience.
Reddish bronze new leaves turn chartreuse to yellow as they mature.
Only types with small leaves tend to be deer resistant.
Its shoots are gathered daily, packed in bags or wrapped in leaves and carried by lorry to noontime markets.
Erect, deciduous shrub with opposite leaves and both flowers and fruits in pairs growing from leaf axils.
Evergreen huckleberry is an elegant, much-branched, evergreen shrub with attractive leaves.
We don't pretend to understand math, and anything beyond long division leaves us pretty much stumped.
Heating water in a kettle or a microwave, steeping green tea leaves for some minutes.
My paper leaves out a lot of what would be in the article, but discusses the same topic, with the same case studies.
All this helps, but it leaves out the direct views of patients themselves.
Its leaves catch and hold raindrops better than any other plant.
Amid the bright leaves and crisp air, the return to school is bracing.
Giraffes' long necks are perfectly suited to harvesting tender leaves beyond the reach of other herbivores.
However, the keyboard leaves something to be desired since its size makes it difficult to use with one hand.
The area is absolutely beautiful, especially when the leaves change color in the fall.
The solitary, nodding flower with an unpleasant odor rises on a stalk above a whorl of three broadly ovate, diamond-shaped leaves.
Be aware, though, that doing this leaves other job candidates hanging while you make up your mind.
In contrast, a politically neutral date leaves everyone happy.
He dropped flies on their leaves and watched them slowly fold their sticky tentacles over their prey.
For example, if a friend standing five feet from you starts walking away, her retinal image size shrinks as she leaves.
Bright green leaves on foot-tall stems look similar to flat-leafed parsley.
Yes, it's a good speech, but it still leaves profound questions.
Others have been woven into webs between trees to catch sunlight or leaves.
It leaves a reader with the impression that this occurred in one year's time, although it does not say so.
The tools are made from either the right or left edge of leaves from the pandanus tree.
Some cultures use almost every part of the tree from the leaves to the water inside of the coconut fruit.
But that still leaves the commission's second task-offering long-term budget recommendations.
While leaves tumble from trees this fall, another natural wonder is soaring overhead.
Speaking fondly of the time they spend together leaves their partner feeling appreciated.
Campus life leaves a lot to be desired, and the surrounding neighborhood is pretty depressing in its offerings.
Take out, drain, and put the filling between the leaves without tearing them off.
Mature plants bear large clusters of tiny flowers among the leaves.
Leaves have strong peppery scent that some people find offensive.
Grow these striking plants for their large leaves as well as their spiky flowers.
If he leaves those students puffed up in the accomplishment, so much the worse.
Giraffes sport impossibly long necks that provide access to the leaves atop trees.
They were interested in the habit certain groups of bats have of building collective tents in which to shelter, using tree leaves.
But then, he joked, his job is so tough that it leaves him only one hour a night to nap.
No two tiles were alike: no two sticks, no two leaves.
Corruption charges against him could be revived once he leaves office.
Other times, ideas are contributed, but the overall aesthetic leaves scientists uneasy.
Fall is here and across the country, leaves are turning their traditional autumn colors.
As a result, leaves at the ground level of a vine growing in the forest are a deeper green than leaves high up on the vine.
In some regions, climate change models predict new rainfall patterns that may affect how leaves on forest floors decompose.
The plant does it with large round leaves and a long vertical root, odd adaptations for desert plants.
In winter, because the new trees had lost their leaves, the snow-covered ground was exposed and reflected more sunlight.
The nose provides the main route through which inhaled air enters and leaves the lower airways.
Some plant species, for instance, protect themselves from predators by emitting volatile compounds when their leaves get damaged.
Plants have openings in their leaves called stomata which are used to control water levels inside the plant cells.
Tiny diamonds etch its design--olive branches with leaves--and, perched symmetrically upon them, eight doves.
But sandalwood still needed to grow up a little and put out a few green leaves to have enough sugar to thrive.
The catch is that fossil flowers and fruits are rare compared with leaves.
The scheme leaves the ground level virtually unobstructed.
The mobile app uses visual recognition technology to identify the species of a plant based on a photograph of one of its leaves.
Except when you're finished making tea, you drink the tea and throw out the leaves.
Start a collection of leaves, rocks, flowers or other bits of nature.
The leaves and stems are poisonous, but the fruit is eminently edible.
We've used the beet to its fullest: sweet golden slices of the root, paired with dark, earthy leaves.
They feed along the edges of leaves, which results in severe scalloping of foliage.
Whole leaves tend to mat, so chop them with a shredder or lawn mower.
Deciduous trees will give you shade in summer, then admit the sun after their leaves drop in fall.
Chard stems are sometimes discarded because they're so much tougher than the leaves.
Forms huge rosettes of spineless, gray-green leaves.
Small flowers with conspicuous reddish stamens open in late winter, before new leaves emerge.
The leaves are gray-green on top and a felt-textured white underneath, and they're rolled up at the edges to expose lots of it.
Too much nitrogen makes plants grow leaves at the expense of fruit.
Yes, the lavender undersides of its leaves were pretty, but the lavender wasn't that obvious.
The sweet, slightly nutty leaves are tender and juicy.
Since this method cuts right through leaves, it's best done on small-leafed plants, where damage is less noticeable.
Beyond leaves, red leaf monkeys also consume large amounts of seeds and flowers.
Some caterpillars munch on drug-laced leaves to rid themselves of crippling parasites, a new study finds.
When not asleep a koala feeds on eucalyptus leaves, especially at night.
Wet pavement reflects the autumn colors of fallen leaves.
Forests are areas with trees grouped in a way so their leaves, or foliage, shade the ground.
Pitcher plants use yet another strategy, growing long tube-shaped leaves into which insects fall.
Most of their diet consists of fruit and leaves gathered from rain forest trees.
For one you see those wild curved and washed out rocks here and then there was this group of autumn leaves trapped is a swirl.
Ozone enters plants through pores in the undersides of leaves.
Recycling leaves more resources for future generations.
While autumn leaves tumble from trees this fall, another natural wonder is soaring overhead.
He recommended wrapping your head in cabbage leaves.
The leaves of the bladder campion when they first appear are also used as salad.
Add the geranium leaves and slowly bring to a boil, stirring constantly.
Clean until the smooth artichoke bottom is surrounded by larger size leaves.
They're small, not intimidating at all, and can usually stand in where you'd use the leaves.
The dry heat cultivates extra flavor as the outer leaves develop a brown crisp.
There were still nuts on the trees, each tightly clustered with two or three distinctly lobed leaves, which are technically husks.
It was a rank wild growth, with many green leaves on it still, and made an impression of thorniness.
The bizarre arrangement leaves the door open to all kinds of campaign hijinks.
Frying sage leaves is easy and provides a real wow factor.
Sage leaves-too potent and fuzzy to eat fresh but mellow when fried-serve as a lovely garnish for this autumnal side dish.
Evenly space the bay leaves over the center of the circle, so when the sides are folded up the leaves will be on the bottom.
Cut off strings from roast and discard bay leaves and rosemary.
Cut out stems from chard and chop stems, reserving leaves.
Spread onion rings in an even layer in a large flameproof roasting pan and sprinkle with garlic and half of sage leaves.
Transfer to stockpot and add bay leaves, tomatoes, and water.
Pound galangal, curry leaves, and fine sea salt to a paste using mortar and pestle.
Lightly brush top with additional oil and scatter small clusters of rosemary leaves on top, pressing in slightly.
Days before the leaves are on the trees, the ramps' sturdy green tells woodlanders that spring is really on its way.
Some use sticks to extract honey from beehives, while others prefer leaves.
Chemical engineers are looking to leaves as they try to make better, more efficient solar cells.
In their native habitat, tamarisks are controlled by various insects that feed on their leaves and sap.
Most of the ants ended up on leaves on the north-northwest side of the plant.
Over the next few days, they return with a solar-powered gas chromatograph to detect molecules emitted by the damaged leaves.
When they get infected, they will sometimes devour leaves and other vegetation they otherwise never touch.
Howler monkeys ate mainly leaves, sometimes exclusively leaves, a low-quality source of nutrition.
The body kicks into survival mode, pastes the wound over with scar tissue, and leaves you to limp along for life.
Tree leaves are oriented to provide the broadest surface to the incoming fog rather than to the sun.
All you'd see of it are a handful of twigs sticking out from the grains, topped with small purple flowers and even smaller leaves.
With the transition from scrolls to pages came the need for something to hold the leaves together.
The monkeys also rub their fur with clematis-vine stems and piper-plant leaves.
Combined with the fact that these technologies don't currently exist leaves these options lacking.
Damage from dust, leaves and debris is a problem for a normal composite roof.
Removing the residual water leaves behind a residue of hydrate powder.
This, in turn, leaves free positively charged holes to oxidize pollutants.
Researchers plan to use radio frequency identification tags to track every pipe, beam and hammer that enters or leaves a site.
The level of acidity helps the physician to determine when the capsule enters and leaves the stomach.
All information leaves a cell phone and is encrypted as it travels to the bank.
Because this leaves permanent scars, patients can only undergo this procedure once or twice.
But if the goal is to give the ball the highest possible velocity as it leaves the bat, lighter is not necessarily better.
When a vehicle leaves a station, it travels along an on-ramp until it merges with the main loop.
But for one reason or another, many won't, which leaves them vulnerable for the foreseeable future.
The question that leaves biologists scratching their heads is why.
No theory explains why it takes the value it does which leaves scientists at a loss.
Keratin, a naturally occurring protein in hair and nails, is applied to your hair that leaves it smooth and shiny.
And we'd wander off trails on moonless nights, clogs and sneakers stomping dead leaves.
For now, they do what they can with the meager resources they have, which means they spend a lot of time reading tea leaves.
He eventually leads me to an examination room, instructs me to undress, and leaves.
The real beauty of the trip comes during the fall months, when the leaves change their hues.
Without the usual pungent mat of wet leaves, the forest is a tinderbox.
There was a wintery sky and the trees didn't have leaves.
My companion says some words to him, and the friend welcomes me naturally and warmly as my companion leaves us.
It leaves the reader wondering what they had in common and how they managed to converse with one another.
One member leaves, the rest of the band remains, but somehow they're a brand-new band.
Wash and drain the leaves, and spread them out on a cloth to dry.
It is five o'clock before the main character finally leaves his job and heads home, prompting the credits to roll.
It would have looked barren if the leaves on the trees hadn't all turned yellow, making for a golden urban fall.
The popular answer-switch to hybrids-leaves the fundamental problem unaddressed.
The customer leaves with the necklace fully paid for.
Much of the rest of the menu leaves you with the distinct sense of having been fleeced.
We stayed in a wooden cabin that stood alone by the shore and was painted the brown of withered leaves.
If a lesion knocks out one ability but leaves another intact, it is evidence that they are wired into different neural circuits.
Coca leaves, of course, have a long record in modern soda-pop history.
Fallen leaves and steam are the unlikely ingredients of a remarkable brand of disposable plates and bowls.
Fall is the perfect time to go on a hunt for leaves.
Both vines grew well until their leaves started turning brown from the bottom.
He leaves her with a computer to help her stay in touch with him.
Perhaps abstraction as such leaves him cold and so he leaves it alone, which is certainly his right as a reader.
Historians' failure to explain history's broadest pattern leaves us with a huge moral gap.
With some books, the reading of them leaves an impression as vivid as their contents.
He is aware of some of them, but leaves some of their implications unexplored.
The soldier wishes them a good evening, turns around, and leaves the barrack.
In spite of the limitations of his manner, he leaves an impression of nearly boundless energy and invention.
Politics, in this view, leaves the realm of ethics and approaches that of aesthetics.
The way the wind blows is the way the dead leaves go.
Most of this reality show leaves no room for nuance or interpretation: the good guys are on one side and the bandits on the other.
Unfortunately, history does not give answers to the problems it leaves us.
It leaves the reader with an overload of brutal images.
Leaf infection can begin in early spring, as the leaves are expanding, and can continue into the early summer.
Compost leaves this fall to protect air quality and enrich your lawn and garden.
Chlorophyll gives leaves their familiar green color.
Leaves placed in plastic bags will not be recycled through our leaf collection program.

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