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Her thoughts on the terror leavening her blissful insight came from that emotional peak of the interview and the cool-down phase.
Leavened products tend to rise more rapidly under decreased pressure, so shorter rising times or less leavening agent is advised.
Some leavening perspective does seem to be in order.
Hence the use of baking soda, originally potash, as a leavening agent.
Mix it with some butter, buttermilk, and leavening and you've got biscuits so tender they melt in your mouth.
Precise, sure, but her loveless life still needs a bit of leavening.
When talking about leavening agents, it's all chemistry.
Eggs are the only leavening ingredient in cream puffs, so the more egg, the more puff.
The leavening and proportion of ingredients also play a hand in how the top of the muffin looks.
Starters, such as sourdough, are another type of leavening.
All that's required is a bit of oil, flour sifted with leavening, a touch of sugar and an egg.
Control the acidity and alkalinity and provide leavening.
But their adaptation is plodding where the book is swift, and solemnly portentous without enough leavening wit.
Ammonium bicarbonate-for use only as a leavening agent.
Ammonium carbonate-for use only as a leavening agent.
The intended purpose of calcium acid pyrophosphate is as leavening acid in baked products.
The white would be thinner, losing some of its thickening and leavening powers.
The leavening agents were a significant source of variation for all the pancake quality attributes except adhesiveness.
The leavening that results is a combination of wild yeast strains that are acidic and give the bread a tangy flavor.
Sodium bicarbonate is a leavening agent used in the bakery industry to enhance product physical properties, such as expansion.

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Good lies need a leavening of truth to make them palatable.... more
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