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He had four hectares of the green-leaved shrub, enough to provide a living for his family of seven.
Hiking areas show different sides of themselves when the trees are full leaved and lovely.
Most rainforest tree species have broad-leaved, evergreen foliage, though a few species are deciduous.
Instead of low-growing, dark-leaved annuals for pots.
Our home used to be a pinkish-taupe, which was a horrible background for yellow- or chartreuse-leaved plants.
It was then a forest of tall, broad-leaved evergreens whose trunks glistened with shiny ribbons of resin.
The festivities all take place in a pavilion beneath towering, golden-leaved poplars.
Trees in broad-leaved forests have wide, flat leaves.
He was seated at his diptych or ancient two-leaved writing-table with inner sides waxed.
Most gray-leaved plants will flourish in hot, dry conditions.
On the other side was the dry, faintly rattling shuffle of the long-leaved eucalyptus that stood by the window facing the street.
The common cattail is widespread and is thought to be a hybrid between the broad-leaved and the narrow-leaved species.

Famous quotes containing the word leaved

Now stamp the Lord's Prayer on a grain of rice, A Bible-leaved of all the written woods Strip to this tree:... more
And yonder in the gymnasts' garden thrives The self-sown, self-begotten shape that gives Athenian intellect its mastery,... more
Who comes into this country, and has come Where golden crocus and narcissus bloom, Where the Great Mother, mourning for ... more
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