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Using a paintbrush will leave visible marks, which may or may not bother you.
When harvesting, leave inch-tall stubs and you'll get two or more rounds.
Don't leave food or any other scented item in your tent or unattended at your site.
When mulching your garden, be sure to leave some bare areas.
If the shrub has several good stems, you can leave them all.
Leave policy is also flexible at many small colleges.
Yes, let's eliminate sabbaticals or paid leave or half-pay leave for all university employees, whether faculty or administrators.
If you leave mid-semester, you can be certain no one will hire you in the future for another adjunct position.
When you do leave your office, you will hopefully have added to the landscape of place.
So it's no surprise that he decided to leave the university and go out on his own.
Everything that could go wrong did and they had to leave at the end of the summer.
The only way to collect the sticks was to cut up the bodies of dead oxen and leave them on the ground near the birds' nests.
My goal was to make the audience laugh but leave them unable to describe what it was that had made them laugh.
Usually these discussions leave my head spinning, unable to keep track of all of the concepts being flung my way.
With the fog of war clearing, exhausted leaders are rushing to leave the battlefield.
If they are good they leave one hungry for the next encounter.
But skilled people will continue to leave, and poor countries therefore need to devise ways to draw on their experience abroad.
Scientists have long suspected that contrails, the trails of white exhaust that jets leave in their wake, can affect climate.
In a mythical land, fairies visit children at night and leave them pearls.
Idling school buses spew tons of exhaust into the air, putting children at risk when they leave school at the end of each day.
Monorails could enter and leave buildings well above street level and greatly improve access both for everyday use and emergency.
Most people need only leave enough time in their busy schedules to get a good night's sleep.
State programs leave underinsured children behind as number and cost of vaccines rises.
Leave it to a good author to play clever mind games with their audience.
Trysts with weaklings, it seems, leave the females roaches in better shape than do encounters with more aggressive males.
As a result, their bodies are unable to staunch bleeding, and injuries leave them at risk of fatal blood loss.
If you leave your camera at home on a long vacation, you can buy a disposable one.
Let us leave aside the fact that singularities are an idealization.
Even though heart attacks may not be deadly, they can leave your ticker damaged.
Two rare and related diseases leave their sufferers with no fingerprints.
Hurricanes bring winds and slashing rains that flood streets, flatten homes, and leave survivors struggling to pick up the pieces.
The road has been closed, settlers requested to leave, and logging banned.
It's difficult to protect migrating whale sharks once they leave designated no-fishing zones.
Bod makes it out of the other end of the struggle, but he has to leave the graveyard and go live the rest of his life.
It can be scary to suddenly leave the comforts of a steady job or a familiar place.
Rather than leave space in the frame for your subject to move into, as the active space rule suggests, try to do the opposite.
Samaras remained unsure of where exactly he should leave the probe.
They leave behind only the queen bee and some younger bees.
We leave the comments on so people can work together to find the answer.
As good dates leave the market, they once again decrease the expected value of dating a self-advertised good type.
He gets choked up and doesn't want to leave the office because he is worried that his teammates will rib him about his tears.
Turn off the heat and leave the salmon in the stock, covered, for half an hour.
You'll be happy that these are generously sized, and that the recipe will leave you with a few extras.
Following that, she might add a pie and leave it to bake for dessert.
They leave off deserving professionals and they include some awful names.
If you plant more than one row, leave a space of fifteen inches between the rows.
Defensive drivers leave more room to the vehicle ahead than required by safety.
Even on so called closed system, it is not really true since they tend to leave bottom of well open.
The shuttle does, of course, leave behind a record of significant achievements.
Leave the creative work for the human being to make tasks for the robot.
The other approach is to leave the metal surface untouched and texture the coating itself.
Unlike other concentrators, the light doesn't leave the optic before striking a solar cell.
In another scenario, a car owner might leave a car key on a table near a window.
Start with deep seams and leave the shallow seams for when these processes are more fully developed.
So, let's all co-operate and leave an efficient society for our children's children.
The polymer, which is the same material used in bio-absorbable sutures, should eventually break down and leave the body.
Maybe it does leave out a lot of steps, but it's an important step that needs more attention.
But there are also explanations that leave out water all together.
Australians are instructed to pick one of two options: leave early or stay and fight the fire.
Letting her leave must have been personally painful.
They did not leave me feeling empty, because they are not empty.
Hotel security showed up and asked them to leave the premises.
And you will leave the theater a less intelligent human being, but you will also leave slightly happier.
He arrives at the office at seven in the morning and typically doesn't leave until around seven or eight in the evening.
She said she was told to leave the hospital after her husband was medicated.
Corporations are beginning to offer employees paid leave for service.
All full-time employees receive annual leave as a state work benefit.
Leave benefits allow employees to take time off from work.

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