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When you buy something, sell it then rent it back from whom you sold it so as to lease to the owner who ever it may be.
We will never sell, lease, rent or give your e-mail address or other personal information to anyone else without your permission.
The new owners will have the option to take over the lease, but they won't move the system to a new residence.
Sale-and-lease-back deals, where a firm sells property and pays rent to occupy it, generate piles of cash.
But it is unclear whether the resumption of lease sales will affect the rate of oil production in the gulf or improve relations.
People can't seem to get enough of vampires lately, and zombies have a new lease on life.
Host governments usually claim that the land they are offering for sale or lease is vacant or owned by the state.
As an organization, the garden may opt to purchase or obtain a long-term lease of the land.
After a set term the lease is again open to bidding, in case someone else thinks they can find something.
He will lease the batteries to car owners, and sell access to his switching and charging network.
They have no dibs on their cars and will not be allowed to buy them when the lease ends.
The common wisdom is that it's more expensive to lease a car than to buy one.
But the college has gotten a reprieve because a partner has agreed to lease two dormitories.
They also lease space for in-store displays, help pay for promotions and give rebates.
The structure and property would revert back to the clan when the lease expired.
The time for obtaining a lease could be cut by two years or more because of this procedural shift, he said.
Replacement batteries for older iPods give the gizmos a new lease on life.
The one-year lease recently expired, and my landlord offered a renewal.
For example, the university leases us a car and is responsible for the full cost of the lease.
Both are accused of unlawful conduct over the lease of new police headquarters at grossly inflated prices.
The lease a merchant signs today is rarely as sweet as those from a decade ago.
Last month the college also completed a lease agreement with the landowner.
The traditional way would be to lease the land to a logging company.
And as a community, they have decided to accept the offer and lease their land to the wind developers.
The inspection at the end of a car lease does not have to be a mystery.
Yet the left would be mistaken in imagining that it has a permanent lease on power.
The companies did not disclose terms of the lease agreement.
Large doses of medicines called statins can reduce heart patients' bad cholesterol, giving them a new lease of life.
They own and manage the properties for their lease income.
To transmit all other information, the military must lease commercial satellite time.
But forget about going into the building lobby-then he gets so anxious he pulls on the lease to go back upstairs.
It will eventually lease a larger facility in the same area.
In addition, outsiders will want to buy or lease cheap agricultural land.
Conveniently, they knew a real-estate developer who was willing to help them negotiate with the landlord to break their lease.
He likes the twenty-year lease and the three thousand dollars in annual electricity credits.
She'd settle for a two- or three-month live-in relationship, sealed with a lease.
Lend-Lease represented a substantial credit expansion.
Meanwhile, the commitment to ubiquity had caused the firm to take on a mountain of debt to lease all that pricey real estate.
Ultimately he hopes to lease modules for use as hotels, labs, or movie studios.
He does relax sometimes and there is looseness in the lease, but usually, he is right at the end of it.
The government should buy or lease the rights from the manufacturer and make the drug available for its citizens.
Knee replacements can give osteoarthritis patients a new lease on life.
Nissan also claims that they will replace all batteries on cars returned from lease before selling them.
Inflation was kept in check because the money supply was strictly tied to the average lease value of the land.
At lease it's a domestic source of energy that is being considered.
Buying car without batteries and lease them charged at petrol stations.
Much longer range on a charge, and a battery lease program as part of the package.
He claimed that they were breaking the terms of the lease by not letting his staff in at night.
All done with the same materials that you-in effect-lease from the auto company.
The lease was not renewed, and the remaining merchandise was sold to the bottom feeders at rock-bottom prices.
Millions ignored the note, and kept up with the lease payments.
When the lease expires, homeowners can renew, buy the panels or remove them.
If you decide to lease equipment, keep the term short.
Tesla didn't say how much it will pay to lease the building, but you're helping pay the tab.
When and how showings are acceptable should be spelled out in the lease.
Some lease advertising can be easily confused with terms that advertise the purchase of a vehicle.

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