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E-learning has made higher education more convenient for millions of students.
How tenure protects free speech and students' learning conditions.
Two-thirds of those presidents said online learning was comparable to face-to-face instruction.
For adults to go on learning languages easily, they need to recapture the indifference of childhood.
Learning while having fun is what makes the program successful.
Workaholics, take note: new research indicates that morning sleep and afternoon naps aid mental and physical learning.
Spiteful motivations and sophisticated social learning skills, however, appear uniquely human.
At the same time, gardeners are learning to blend standards into their landscapes.
The incentive is learning how to play guitar, not an explosive reaction from a virtual crowd.
Learning also turns out to have dangerous side effects that make its evolution even more puzzling.
Museum professionals are only beginning to see the exciting learning opportunities for preschool children.
The words of these languages were set to music, so that people would enjoy learning the language even more.
They also have meetings and are a great group to get involved with if you are interested in learning about beekeeping.
The screen is larger than many similar learning devices on the market, and it's a touchscreen.
To enhance the learning experience with a diversity of students, some online courses offer enrollment to all comers.
Scientists and astronomers are interested in learning more about our solar system.
It was an adventure learning how it all worked but, more importantly, why.
For anybody who wants to combine learning and doing, this is the place to come.
Depending on the ball, you can help preschoolers practice counting or you can break the ice learning about your fellow grownups.
In addition to making existing synapses more robust, learning causes the brain to grow larger.
Engaging exhibits and special programs encourage family fun and learning across generations.
Start the how-to learning process now and brew your own beer for the holidays more.
Here are some things to consider when cultivating a learning ecosystem for your little geeks.
How and when people see pieces from the computer game in their sleep tells of the role dreaming plays in learning.
Learning about disasters may spark fears in your children.
Certain learning disabilities are linked to problems of perception, when the brain misinterprets sensory input.
Explain to students that they will be learning a new way to look at and understand the world.
Learning about national flags will help students in this process.
Learning a second language makes it easier to learn a third language which is a good opportunity.
My personal experiences with life are that artificial systems of learning are of no use.
Part of science is learning to properly phrase a question.
Learning actually increases the brains level of complexity.
The number of neurons and connections are related to the amount of learning an organism experiences.
Anything up to a fifth of the population is learning the language.
In essence, they're learning to be chimps all over again-or for the first time.
Learning through computers is the new and improved way of learning.
He was aware that many otherwise clever people are dunces at learning a second language.
None of this should get in the way of the enforcement of copyright, which remains a vital tool in the encouragement of learning.
Composting is a learning experience in sustainability your whole family can share.
Children of all ages enjoy learning about space and science at this interactive museum.
Scientists in social robotics often say they're always learning about what it means to be human and to live with humans.
Formerly approved drug imparts lasting learning and memory improvements to impaired mice.
The museum offers a serene setting for quiet reflection and learning.
Not only is this gorgeous, but makes me-a beginner- really excited to keep learning about photography.
Immerse yourself in innovative learning vacations around the world.
Learning the truth of your nation's origins does not make you unpatriotic.
Medical science is always learning more about how much a body can take.
He has been learning to play the guitar for a little over a year now.
He gave loyal allegiance to the ministers, and was dazzled by their piety and learning.
These are my present thoughts concerning learning and accomplishments.
It is by no means certain that in his displays of learning he is not mocking or parodying others as well as relieving himself.
These boys with old, scared faces, learning to walk.
In difficulty of learning, music lies somewhere in between speaking and writing.
It is about learning to argue and reason, which is best done in a community of scholars.
She set out to test this, and specifically to find out whether gestures might be used as an aid to children's learning.
If excessive rote learning become the culture of a nation, there are huge consequences.
Many educators were convinced that introducing hyperlinks into text displayed on monitors would be a boon to learning.
These kids weren't learning facts they would soon forget.
Learning how to create and use mental maps, therefore, is a fundamental part of the process of becoming geographically informed.
In this lesson, students will be learning about freshwater wetlands.
Elephants may have yet another way of learning what's going on around them.
Have students list all the things they remember learning about the geography of the region in which this event took place.
Some scientists use them as models for learning and memory studies.
Eventually it will get to the point were they are going to college and learning next to human students.
Decisions were made and executed for graduate school, study abroad, internships and more experiential learning.
Many groups are working on ways to improve this learning process.
The discovery marks the start of an effort to explore the genetic underpinnings of vocal learning.
Adults can have a tough time learning a new language.
Traditional story setups might hinder math learning.
These electrical circuits are the basis for memory formation and learning.
The control group did a more conventional cognitive learning program that entailed viewing educational videos on art and history.
Learning to read, they both knew, means learning to live.
It is a preschool program that provides children with the rich learning opportunities available in our museum settings.
We tend to think that inventing the wheel was item number two on our to-do list after learning to walk upright.
It was a real learning experience for all of those who took part in the various seminars across the country.
Eating was a response to being in the cafeteria, and my primary consciousness was busy with socialization and academic learning.
The local traditions highlight the importance of learning in primates, especially when it comes to social behavior.
Learning a new language by immersing yourself totally in its instruction is an excellent way to become fluent in it.
What's really happening is that kids are learning about science and enjoying it.
They don't know how to use teachers as tools for learning when they get to school.
There are as many ways to learn-and as many inhibitions to learning-as there are things to learn.
Such plasticity might be involved in vocal learning, he suspects.
There is a great opportunity to boost learning and probably make a few dollars along the way.
Scientists are learning to mimic nature to produce clean energy, by re-creating photosynthesis in the lab.
One method would involve learning to monitor one's own brain waves.
Learning how these genes work may provide clues about the diverse signals that control cell growth.
The truth is that astronomers still do not know much about the origin of planets, but they are learning quickly.
If so, learning to manipulate it could yield powerful new approaches to treating disease.
Learning some things requires high tech, detailed histories of long ago events, and modern day science.
New studies have found that video games may become a powerful learning tool for students.
These dynamics are thought to be crucial to learning and memory, and they are what the researchers sought to mimic in silicon.
And because of this limitation of the networks themselves, no improvement in learning procedures will help.
The first two weeks of training were devoted to learning to pay close attention to body sensations.
For example, the mice have major deficits in the hippocampus, a brain area vital for learning and memory.
Ian's basic factual problem is that he ignores learning curves.
Such research could have implications for learning second languages, and might even help computers understand us better.
Science advances by learning general problem-solving principles.
Almost all the computation in sensory processing should occur during the learning phase.
One of the great challenges in neuroscience has been learning how to coax nerves to regenerate after injuries.
They are innovating in-house, learning from each other, and licensing each others' technology.
His prediction came true in the twentieth century, and in no area of learning more so than in science.
For instance, learning to return to a silent, empty house.
Of course, intellectual fashion can be a stimulus rather than an impediment to learning.
We watch news reports of wounded veterans learning to walk with prosthetic limbs.
When you come from a big family, you see that growing up you're learning how to share.
Our aversion to book learning is often blamed for this notorious inability to put two and two together.
Polymathy: the study and inter-relation of great and varied learning.
She had learning problems, really dyslexic, but so articulate that teachers would think she wasn't trying.
Mark started learning the business while he was still in college.
Even falling into the vat of boiling water that was reserved for a pig was an event he considers a crucial learning experience.
There was definitely some learning of that behavior.
The do-it-yourself movement revives learning by doing.
The point is that technology alone, without a clear redesign of the learning it enhances, is not enough.
To be sure, people learning a language will continue to need dictionaries.
One of the big complaints kids have about school is that they can't see how or why what they're learning applies to their lives.
There is present only the mirage of learning, not the substantial reality.
Of course online learning is a beneficial supplement to face-to-face instruction.
Libraries, the cathedrals of learning necessary for any university, are not up to specification.
She went online and began making friends and learning.
Success on standardized tests is, of course, only one measure of learning--and only one purported goal of homework.
What is the tax benefit of the lifetime learning credit.
Educational resources for learning more about earthquakes.

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