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Hurried reading results in the learner forgetting half of what he reads, or in his forming vague conceptions-Sweet.
Ideally, each learner would end the year with a dictionary of new words and a typed, bound collection of her own stories.
The meaning of pre-coded input symbols is not accessible to the learner.
It's supposed to take a customized approach that fits the individual strengths, weaknesses and preferences of each learner.
Deeper rethinking focuses on the nature of knowledge and the learner's relationship to it.
One with a full driver's license instead of the learner's permit that is presently being carried.
The best way universities can support today's working learner is to take the proverbial leap of faith and embrace the new.
He may invite the learner to participate in his own research.
Energy, natural optimism, the ability to be a good listener and a quick learner are important personal attributes.
Andragogy is far more learner-centered and values the prior experiences of the learner.
The focus is not on the professor, but on the student, the learner.
On my view, some who has been to grad school should have become a self-directed learner.
Manipulatives are educational activities where the learner makes conceptual links by manually manipulating objects.
But every marketing campaign designed for a certain learner subgroup is borne of sinister racist intentions.
Some will stick if the learner actually uses those factoids regularly.
So, all he's showing is that he's a perceptive learner, not that he knows the truth.
Whether or not he has a learning disability, if reading is difficult for him, he may be an auditory learner.
Computer literacy is the data superhighway learner's permit.
He's a prodigiously fast learner, can communicate through sign language and is easy to cuddle.
The fastest learner was the government who used broadcast to their advantage.
Before attempting to speak this language, a learner must acknowledge these spirits with gifts of tobacco and food.
For the language learner, such words are simply placeholders.
Any learner of economics knows that the minimum wage brings more harm than good.
We need to help the adult learner with specific needs be successful, as well.
Technology means further learning aids are available to teacher and learner in order to cater for different learning types.

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