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Here are some lessons learned from the eruption disruptions, which are particularly relevant for anyone traveling abroad.
Most of us learned from a previous generation of lecturers, and many students are still learning from lectures.
But now researchers have learned that the drug also causes more neurons to form than normally would.
We have learned much about various teaching methods, the brain, and made education mandatory.
We learned how to make lighter, crispier latkes by extracting as much water as possible from the potatoes before cooking.
They learned to handle strategic, rather than purely tactical, concepts.
Ten minutes later they learned that the drug was being administered, so they believed their discomfort would begin to subside.
They've learned that gardens on the edges of populated areas provide a reliable food supply.
Students will conclude by designing their own aquarium habitats based on what they have learned.
To do so, the dogs have learned to navigate the subway.
Apparently they've learned that the bread people toss to ducks and other waterfowl also attracts fish.
In it, the scientists suggest that the animals might have learned their unusual behavior from interactions with humans.
They were also crazy about flying and had learned their business first as barnstormers, then instructors.
But she learned fast, thanks to a team of experts who brought the project to fruition.
Ask students to list the things they learned from the quiz.
But there was still a lot to be learned without inducing an ice cream headache.
Strong winds can knock the babies from the protection of their mothers' wings, and many have not learned how to fly.
We learned that they're not eating much meat in the wild.
And he's learned that great music is a critical part of the mix.
Ask students to discuss what they learned about adaptations in modern and prehistoric animals.
We learned that semis rumble down the highway all night.
Instead, the researchers conclude, sponging is learned by daughters from their mothers.
Elephants quickly learned to cooperate as a pair on a task that brought them a food reward.
Ask students what they have learned about tornadoes.
But researchers are applying lessons learned from noses to tackle liquids.
They should base their ideas on what they have learned about crocodilians' previous adaptations.
Students will conclude by creating pamphlets or multimedia presentations showing what they have learned.
Other places have learned how to cope with popularity.
They will conclude by designing quilts describing what they have learned.
Students present individually or in small groups what they have learned about their chosen material object.
Ask students what they learned about the impact of humans on these two ecosystems.
He may well wish he had learned that lesson four years ago.
They learned to fly in a country where any foreign student who can pay his fees is welcome.
We've learned quite a bit so far about the origins of farming and herding, and the rise of cities.
The secret of teaching is to appear to have known all your life what you learned this afternoon fiona.
If students are not yet writing, have them color in the parts of the body they have learned about and practice naming them.
Students write a report about what they learned while on co-op, but the amount of responsibility varies widely.
Most professionals learned to establish a prudent distance from that world.
Some faculty members learned that they would not be rehired only when bookstore clerks did not have contracts for them.
Politicians have learned how to monetise their pull.
We learned that a solitary kidney transplant without a genetic barrier could function normally.
But even he could have learned a few tricks about living on the edge from these other temperamental artists.
Whenever planes crash safety experts quickly incorporate the lessons that have been learned into the pilots' checklists.
The more important question is whether cities have learned how to prevent further outbursts.
Explain that writing and spelling words are learned behaviors.
His descendants had learned the lesson-the wrong one.
The experimenter has learned that infants are afraid of falling down chasms.
But foresters have learned that forests need fires to clear out the brush and even to get seeds to germinate.
So each time this happened, she learned to hide better.
Think back to your model watershed and what you learned about your own watershed.
The more that is learned the closer treatment and even cure becomes possible.
Although using facial expressions to convey emotions may be largely instinctive, there is also a learned component.
Scientists may not be able to build a better mouse trap, but they have learned how to build a better mouse.
Then tell other people what you've learned and how important conservation is.
Share what you learned about the world and yourself from traveling.
They learned to survive on what they could find in the desert.
Students will conclude by creating visual presentations showcasing the things they have learned about the border.
There is the real story: everything we've learned about such an unexpected and high impact event.
Prospectors learned how to divert water to expose the river bed for exploration.
They come from decades of collective experience of top executives who have learned firsthand what it takes to succeed.
He talks to learned rabbis and listens to recordings of famous cantors.
He learned to play in the street and has that natural creativity.
Their entries should describe some of the things they have seen and learned and some of the methods they have used.
To be sure students understand what they have learned so far, give them an example.
They should draw these maps from memory, based on what they have learned in this lesson.
Make a poster, booklet, or mobile that shows what you've learned.
Ask students to conclude their reports with an explanation of what they learned by conducting earthquake research.
Urban-living carrion crows have learned to use road traffic for cracking tough nuts.
Have students create maps of the world using pictures or drawings to show what they have learned.
Ask students to draw a picture of one of the animals they learned about in this lesson.
Social navigation was the next thing that had to be learned.
Somewhere along the way, he learned to take pictures with a borrowed camera.
Certainly there has been spending that hasn't had its intended impact, and we've learned a lot from those experiences.
When the restaurant owner learned about the review, he filed defamation charges against her.
It learned that some subcontractors were trying to bribe their way onto the job site.
Use the terms and concepts you learned about in chapter eleven.
Doubtless all concerned will be keen to say that lessons have already been learned.
But a lesson learned is of limited use unless the learning is openly spread far and wide.
No one else had ever learned the dozens of necessary skills.
Most commerce secretaries cannot be forgotten because the public never learned their names in the first place.
Now they face an early test of whether lessons have been learned: a farmland boom.
What we've learned is that development aid doesn't work this way.
There are useful lessons to be learned from these trials.
Each region, as it follows the path, enjoys advantages learned and built by the region which preceded it.
The initiatives are well thought-out, reflecting the lessons learned from watching others' mistakes.
Some argue that the market has learned its lesson, although even the bankers do not sound all that convinced.
One self-tracker learned, for instance, that eating a lot of butter allowed him to solve arithmetic problems faster.
Those left behind have learned to see conservationists and the tiger as their enemies.
Granted, the rulers have learned and expanded the base of whom is accepted into the ranks of government.
Almost everything he has learned about radiation risks, he says, came from the television.
After so long on the rails, he says he has learned much about his homeland.
It's supposed to be a window in development that defines the only period in which a thing can be learned.
Carmakers learned years ago it's not easy to make a practical hydrogen fuel cell.
One group learned about the lifestyle-related causes of obesity, such as dietary and exercise habits.
Since then, much has been learned about how lightning can affect airplanes.
Researchers learned that flames extinguish themselves.
Believe or not my nephew, who was born into a household with two cats, learned to purr before he learned to talk.
The problem was that there was no way to determine whether their responses were colored by learned social cues.
His job as a broadcaster is unique, but the principles he learned can be used by anyone.
We're the last generation that learned movies from movies.
When she learned she had cancer, she vowed to fight it.
Nothing in her relation to the kitchen offers the slightest hint that she has learned anything at all from her heroine.
At the meet he learned of a handful of other mountain unicyclists.
Many of the middle-aged respondents said they wished they'd learned that lesson long ago.
She enjoys learning, she said, and she's learned how to run a lot of the different machines.
Barzun began to appreciate the transience of civilization almost as soon as he learned what the word meant.
The second thing you learn dur- ing ocean cruising is that you have forgotten the first thing you learned.
It's the work of someone who has learned what she's good at.
Kat had worked in the financial markets for almost fifteen years, but what he learned about hedge-fund fees shocked him.
We learned his language, and instructed others in its odd grammar and lexicon.
Washoe learned many signs, using them singly and in combinations that appeared to be sentences.
Learned behavior, channeled along innumerable different paths by divergent cultures, is what allows us to do so.
All great works of art have, in addition to their historical and other learned contexts, an aesthetic context as well.
The birds learned to identify an aggressive researcher and ignore the others-and eventually they dive-bombed the malefactor.
He learned to shake and would reliably sit on command.
The idea is that, armed with these examples, students will recognise similar problems and apply what they have learned.
We have learned that our planet is in fact round and revolves around the sun, and that humans are slightly modified chimpanzees.
In many regions, however, pica can be a learned behavior.
Robots are a way for both of them to test some of the concepts they've learned from their simulations.
But suppose you want to equate the rat's learned behavior with a human's experience of acquired fear.
And we've learned a tremendous amount about their social interactions.
Everybody will have forgotten about their outrage, and learned to live with the hole.
And more is being learned about its distinctive pathology.
Moreover, their odor preferences were not innate but learned.
There are a lot of planets out there, and one thing we've learned is that variety is the spice of nature.
If you think back to the genetics you learned in school, this pattern makes no sense.
Everything astronomers have learned about how stars and planets form says there must be.
Instead of going to college, he learned masonry and construction.
As children learned to write, local walls served as giant exercise books where they could practice their alphabets.
Well into his adulthood, he learned that the family wealth had been grossly neglected and mismanaged.
The teacher prepares the student for a grand stage, where he must display everything he has learned or suffer public defeat.
She was by his side when he went to the hospital for prostate tests a month later and then learned he had cancer.
That's when she learned she may never again take another exam.
Explicit memory involves facts learned through conscious interaction, while implicit memory involves unconscious retention.
And now we've learned that some of the highest-performing batteries can be dangerous.
Frank says that much remains to be learned about the newly identified melanoma stem cells.
We have learned to ask such cogent questions because the news media does not.
My gut feeling is that chronic pain, is an autonomic nervous system learned response.
For those of us who still learned to write and draw on paper, the pen is a marvelous and precise input device.
There are serious incidents that need to be addressed urgently and learned from.
Anyway, my main point is that psychologists have learned a lot about how to be happy in the last half decade.
There are other manufacturing lessons to be learned from the collapses of these two businesses.
We have developed all this technology, but have not learned how to treat each other decently.
There still is a nation who has not learned a lesson yet.
We mankind learned logic from our experience with physical world.
Physics departments has to give impression to students that they learned and understood something.
But we've learned step by step of harmful side effects.
She collected costumes from the era and learned its crafts and folkways.
Kids in the program learned to drum in a call-and-response structure.
And we've learned some things over the years in the art of communication.

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