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Example sentences for leap

They could now leap from a world of cash to cellular banking.
The system resets every leap year, slipping a little bit backward until corrected by a century where no leap year is celebrated.
Not since the age of dinosaurs has the world known a roach with a vertical leap.
Grafted roses leap out of the ground their first year.
Soldiers can't leap tall buildings in a single bound, yet.
My question is for those of you who have made the leap out of academia.
But further progress through successful application will result in a quantum leap in technology.
Navy has been pursuing a workable ray gun that could provide a leap ahead in ship self-defenses.
Maybe the next evolutionary leap will not even be organic.
It is one small step for science education, and one giant leap for monster kind.
But only human explorers can raise the pace of discovery a quantum leap.
To do so, he has to leap into some serious aerodynamics.
There was nothing else to do except take that huge leap of faith.
Occasionally, the game will slow down to heighten a dramatic leap or near-miss.
It was a leap of faith, but the railroads did come and the town prospered.
But the next step from excess heat to fusion, or anything nuclear, is nothing more than a leap of faith.
They get mired in the particulars and cannot make the leap to the abstract ideas the writer is getting at.
Exploring the evolution of modern air transportation, it is a giant leap beyond what came before.
Someone should have told them to look before they leap.
Hydrogen is a quantum leap past hybrid in terms of inefficiency and makes zero in the sense department.
But don't be surprised if people are reluctant to leap into what they perceive as a personal fight in which they have no stake.
My mind hadn't made the leap to being turned on by breastfeeding.
But going from seventh grade straight into high school might be a much bigger leap.
It doesn't have to be accomplished in a single leap.

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