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And then a triangle of cloud lowers and sharpens into something pointier and leaner.
Other net hunters traditionally smoked or dried their catch and stored it for leaner times.
Despite this luxurious conditions, these fish are no different than their leaner cousins.
They are leaner firms today living on narrowed profit margins.
The chemical can make meat leaner, but can also be the cause of heart palpitations, diarrhoea and muscle tremors.
Most firms have been organising their logistics to make themselves leaner.
It is clawing its way back to health as a leaner, humbler company.
Its campaign emphasised tax cuts rather than a leaner state.
Wal-Mart is not easy to work for, but some suppliers say the experience has made them leaner and fitter.
So while a few weaker firms may go to the wall the rest will emerge leaner and meaner.
But drug firms are already bracing themselves for leaner times.
It leads to a leaner government, that is more citizen and business friendly.
The tax credit creates a leaner government, which is more citizen and business responsive.
It has expanded productivity by being more efficient and leaner than many other companies.
Everyone is trying to get leaner and meaner, and monitoring is one way to do it.
She is leaner, and lean muscle absorbs and utilizes oxygen better and makes you stronger.
The recession is leading to more layoffs and leaner severance packages.
One, smaller and leaner, is meant for eating on the half-shell.
The fish are smaller and leaner than their cousins from deeper waters farther north.

Famous quotes containing the word leaner

In the sandhill country, where the going was tougher, leaner, and lonelier, and the folklore tougher, fatte... more
I'm sorry to say my dear wife is a dreamer, And as she dreams she gets paler and leaner. Then be off to you... more
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