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For many decades, almost no major league baseball players wore batting gloves.
In the world of banking and financial services, however, it is already in the premier league.
Robots in this league are tested on their abilities to find mannequins trapped inside a three-story building that has collapsed.
Although an amateur event, the pressure was big league.
Major league baseball now charges to hear radio broadcasts online, but not all paying customers are getting to the show.
Wouldn't it be more practical to put this idea in league w/ the space elevator.
Major league athletes are rewarded for talent, toughness, and single-minded dedication.
Sure, you can throw the ball around with the wee ones or reconnect with that pickup basketball league you've been putting off.
As in real life, some free agents in a keeper fantasy league tend to cost more than they should.
The edgy interplay of sounds places this band in a league of its own.
There's also a setting to cycle through all of the games in the league.
But taking an entire concert preview is bush league.
That's one of the rotator cuff muscles, which have ended many a major league pitching career.
Imagine making a movie attempting to show that major-league baseball refuses to allow its players to kick field goals.
If you cannot see that distinction than honestly you're out of your league here.
They were never even close to being in the same league.
But to look for a job for a year and come up empty is a different league of devastation.
It wasn't the first time league officials were forced to make an example out of him.
And players are the biggest expense that teams have: they get sixty per cent of whatever the league makes above a billion dollars.
The target of his desire changes the color of her hair every week and a half, which suggests that she is out of his league.
Instead of a single football game, the splintering of fifteen different games into personalized fantasy-league statistics.
The boys will begin pitching to each other in this league.
The league will stress the fundamentals and utilizes a pitching machine.

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