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Example sentences for leading

Personally contributed by leading authors of the day.
Campus bookstores are leading the way in alerting colleges to provisions of a new textbook-affordability law.
Dynamic live presentations by two leading explorers.
Investment and government spending is leading the way.
Dynamic live presentations by two leading photographers.
Research on the subject is leading to insights about how the mind works.
Both the country's leading civilian politicians are in detention.
These drugs can also trigger excessive weight gain, leading to life-threatening complications such as diabetes or heart disease.
The hallway leading back to the stairs gives this picture good depth.
And that is leading many to question whether the euro can survive.
The possible move comes after the star's attorneys sent the leading blogging outfit a cease and desist letter last week.
Their venom is deadly, but it's their close proximity to people that makes them the world's leading killers.
To be fair, the leading firms are already doing this.
Disaster blinds the world's leading neutrino detector.
We're also leading people to explore and support local farmer's markets.
He wanted a mixed economy, but one in which the private sector would play the leading role.
Apple is one of the leading branding companies in the world.
Traditional cameras clumsily rely on single levels of brightness for their images, leading to overexposed photos.
It is a leading cause of cancer, heart disease and other ailments.
Therefore, these companies are likely to be the leading manufacturers in bringing this new technology to the market.
Seemingly subtle quakes can potentially set in motion events leading to a tsunami.
Smarter maternal decisions prevent leading causes of mortality.
Fluid builds up in the lungs and the brain swells, leading to confusion and even coma.
But the phone calls don't often result in book contracts with leading scholars.
On either side of the crest is an irregular opening leading into the corresponding sphenoidal air sinus.
He did not aim at leading his generation along new ways, but at recalling them to paths trodden by the ancients.
She was not caught and, encouraged, she proceeded to add one low common habit to another until she was leading a double life.
Two thousand years ago such dogmatism, readily welcome, would have scouted the idea of blond races ever leading civilization.
Every one is indeed a host in himself, if he is the leading maritime nation.
The first is didactic or satirical, and offers the key to some of the leading changes in the later morality.
The nasal surface presents a large, irregular opening leading into the maxillary sinus.
Quite early in the eighteenth century, some of the leading provincial cities and boroughs could boast their own newspapers.
Many of the leading princes and courtiers of the queen's party fled abroad.
The verse forms are dramatically logical and rhythmically descriptive, the action leading and largely determining the form.
Rewards were offered for information leading to the conviction of anyone spreading anti-government statements.
They raise their kits in caves dug into snow, with chambers and tunnels leading dozens of feet away from the den.
The drill has teeth around the leading edge and a hollow center.
Read on for a sampling of our reports, some by leading physicists of their times.
As the streamers grew, their leading edges expanded and attenuated, the researchers found.
Additionally, nerve endings are stimulated, leading to the sensation of itching.
Each report represents a consensus, or agreement, among hundreds of leading scientists.
The nonprofit has been leading the effort to reestablish the trees.
In the actual experiment, there were no leading and trailing pulses.
Thereafter he became the centre-right's leading authority on tax.
The distinction between leading and following the market is useful.
Sold by leading department stores and food shops throughout the country.
Leading commanders captured may know a huge amount about what may be coming.
The level of geographic concentration is pronounced, though the leading social media metros are not surprising.
The invisible hand promotes the good of society by leading entrepreneurs to invest at home rather than abroad.
If you do, the pressure won't be sufficient for the rest of the process to work properly, leading once again to over-extraction.
In a common image of the time, the ladders leading up were kicked away.
Top policymakers, leading business minds, and economic authorities will help illuminate these important issues.
In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic lower-limb amputation.
It took centuries for the leading governments to decide that everyone was better off if they dropped the inefficient protections.
In no time you've elevated yourself to the position of a leading conductor or even composer.
Even apparent compromises or trade-offs can be read as artful accommodations leading to eventual triumphs.
Much of it has never been published in leading peer-reviewed journals.
But office-holding is not the only kind of experience relevant to the task of leading a wildly variegated nation.
Robust campaigns leading to the election of representatives not beholden to the few, but accountable to the many.
He has already recruited leading researchers from around the world.
Companies in the information-technology field were at the leading edge of a revolution.
If you expect the nation's fifth largest city to be leading the way in local and wide area networking.
Unfortunately, these filters tend to reduce the brightness of the display, leading to a washed out appearance.
But you might be surprised by the second-leading source of the expected surge in traffic.
But improved technologies for vision processing and gripping are leading to a new wave of robots.
The nerves are located inside the main arteries leading to the kidney.
The leading thin film manufacturer uses a material that includes the rare element tellurium.
Leading thinkers offer visions of how to make our energy supply cleaner, more efficient, and more abundant.
Engineers are using leading-edge physics to try to make photovoltaic cells a mainstream power source.
It is cited by a leading theoretical physicist who proposes that evolution helped shape the laws governing the cosmos.

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