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Fertilizers have a horrible habit of leaching into waterways.
The horizons are caused by leaching of acids by the native trees and the high level of rainfall.
Where water is used to control fly ash, flooding and leaching can cause long term serious environmental damage.
These chemicals are used in many types of plastic food wrappings and may well be leaching into foods.
Plastic garbage bags keep toxic chemicals from leaching into our water supply.
Advertising is still leaching out of newspapers, particularly regional ones.
The acids dissolve the uranium, and various other things, leaching them from the ash.
And extracting it from this rock often means leaching it out with cyanide.
Reducing caffeine and sodium intake can also keep calcium from leaching out of bone.
Acid leaching of ores in ground ore bodies is worse.
The water emitted from hydrogen burning will have uses in leaching heavy metals from other contaminated site clean ups.
That's a lot of toxic chemicals and nasty metals that you really, really don't want leaching into the water supply.
Mining for resources previously unobtainable using acid leaching of the minerals from the ore is dangerous.
New research shows that some plastics may be leaching toxic chemicals into seawater.
Uranium can also be mined by in situ leaching, avoiding changing the landscape.
These must be controlled or leaching into surrounding water bodies can create havoc.
The sunset is fading, its glow slowly leaching from ancient red bricks.
Alkaline leaching, however, requires much finer grinding of the ore in comparison to acid leaching.
Chemically dissolving the uranium out of the rock ore is done through either heap leaching or in-situ leaching.

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