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Example sentences for layperson

It contains information for the layperson as well as databases of published studies, including human clinical trials.
The new book is even more dense and less accessible to the layperson, but the renewed controversy will help sell it.
He expresses himself in metaphors easily grasped by the layperson.
Oh, and the number of critical issues on the table was similarly small and easily understood by a layperson.
Their new book, to be published later this year, explains everything a layperson might need to know about fair division.
Such a presentation must be immensely confusing to a novice or a layperson.
He posted that stuff below the image specifically so you could see why, as a layperson, he reached that conclusion.
The average layperson does not know the distinction.
He describes the double-helix structure itself and how the model came about, in easy layperson terminology.
But the facts are, it is the layperson's lack of understanding of science that is the problem.
Question from a layperson for all you theoretical physics types.
But in this case their use of the wrong metaphor serves only to confuse the layperson.
There is a vacancy on the reviewing committee of a layperson.
Each panel consists of a lawyer, a health care provider, and a layperson.
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