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Think ahead about the physical layout you want for the picture.
He also changed the traditional physical layout of the plant so that machine tools were grouped along the flow of production.
Meier, but he said he did not design the show's layout.
Interns are included in story-planning sessions and photo and layout reviews.
The layout is sleeker, more user-friendly and takes better advantage of the web medium, however.
Well-adapted to the slopes of the hill site, its streets still follow the original layout.
The layout is well-organized and the merchandising is simple and modern.
Once you have your page layout selected, the fun really begins.
He then pasted his text onto my slide design and layout.
Calif, which was built to resemble an urban layout.
Tiny windows and a galley layout made the space dark and bulky.
He mistakenly thought that the layout was responsible for my easily followed talk.
The grandmasters, however, easily reproduced the exact layout of the game.
One glance at the punch card explains why they did so: the layout is hopelessly confusing, as is the blizzard of text.
The day's discussion focused on the history of page layout and how the book format developed.
Chose content for publication and edited textual layout.
No doubt others have been put off by the confusing layout.
Furniture is built into the walls of the grottoes to maintain a sense of congruity with the caves' natural layout.
The layout of the puzzle is designed to accommodate slightly longer clues than the average venue.
Even today it's on display in the layout and organization of any zoo.
Happily, my first glance at the new layout shows you've changed some of that.
Click on layout and choose whatever options you need.
You'll notice it had some problems with the pullquote and the hyphens, but it navigated the two-column layout pretty well.
The also skip over the planning of the layout and the cutting.
Each different road layout requires different skills and strategies in order to stack up the highest damage, debris, and points.
The keyboard was small but usable, with tactile rubbery keys and a well-considered keyboard layout.
Even those with zero web-design expertise can customize the colors and the layout.
Elser attended the festivities, took note of the cellar's layout, and was surprised to realize that security was lax.
The interior of the shed has a clean, open layout, inspired by boat cabins.
No matter where you are, the layout offers unobstructed, stage-embracing views.
What it depicts is the basic layout of a mobile phone network.
With the old layout, there was little incentive to read many of the stories in full.
Discover how a compact, walkable layout and a mix of shops and housing make lively places.
It should be understood that the particular layout of broad areas here mentioned is not the only one possible.
No matter what kind of goods was sold, the layout did not vary.
Martinsville's age-old layout remains a mystery for drivers.
Despite the mega-info displayed on the in-dash control screen, the layout is sensible, easy to read and understand.
Beautiful, uncluttered layout with letter and full word hints as well as word and puzzle solver features.
Motels commonly have a one- or two-floor layout and guests access their rooms directly from the parking lot.
The open floor plan layout features a full kitchen, dining area and a master bedroom with queen-sized bed.
The architects based their design on a grid layout and used a lot of concrete and prefabricated elements in their work.
One of the best ways to get an overview of the layout and culture is to take a bus tour.
Because of its layout and its white plaster walls, it is said to resemble an egret about to take flight.
Viewed from the walkway, this layout makes the court seem smaller and the bird sitting at its center look larger.
There's science in the layout of city highway systems and in the nasty stuff that college kids are drinking these days.
It would be difficult and costly, given the layout of the walls, to put in a second bath.
In the layout business, there is an expression people use when too much text is cluttering a page.
Describes the doctor's office, the spiral layout of the interior, as well as the custom-made furnishings of the house.
Stein even emulated the take-out setup: yellow fluorescent light, stool-and-counter layout, concrete floors resembling a sidewalk.
But the layout of my neighborhood has remained more or less the same for centuries.
The layout of the rooms and the disposition of their occupants is important to an understanding of what later occurred.
Many came so close to making the layout but now would fade into oblivion.
The layout of storage facilities makes them ideal for solar energy panels.
From reporting to editing to layout, there was no newsroom job he could not do.
While robots have reached for objects on tables and shelves before, they always needed to know the layout of a static setting.
Some online news sites will, for example, tweak the layout on their home page by monitoring the popularity of different articles.
The key layout was designed to drive a particular mechanical configuration which is long gone.
Similar as these books are in layout and subject matter, they differ widely in tone and presentation.
It is a godsend to the expert manipulators of illusion, layout, and news flash.
Because of racism, the troops are unfamiliar with both the people and layout of the ghetto.
Layout tables are cleared, packages ripped open, and batteries inserted.
It will require precise maps of the layout of the huts and hearths, showing why these features are demonstrably of human origin.
For what its worth, the layout is certainly wonderful.
It is particularly famous for its traditional layout as well as the food.
However, strong leadership and a thoughtful layout for the transition will ensure that this does not occur.
With bilateral symmetry, the basic animal layout is a tube with feeding on one side and excretion on the other.
As others have said, the ending is really up for interpretation, not for the writers to layout easily for the viewers.
It shows the layout of every aircraft on dozens of airlines.
Two weeks of fact-checking can get cut in half, and design and layout times may be curtailed from five weeks to five days.
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