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Example sentences for layoff

By the second week of the crisis, résumés flood the online databases, and the layoff announcements in the dot com sector begin.
Declare financial exigency, or whatever in your system must be declared, to permit the layoff of faculty and staff members.
For years, it has happily negotiated contracts with generous salary increases and no-layoff clauses.
Layoff rates peaked and declined, but firms still had little interest in hiring.
If the company is large, they could layoff workers and squeeze more productivity out of others.
Layoff lit: in publishing, sudden unemployment begets a fashionable genre.
It's not an easy choice, particularly for companies in layoff mode.
How a single layoff reverberates around one community's economy--and why the impact could last for years.
They'll figure it out when there's a layoff or reorganization.
The second layoff was from a startup company that never quite started up.
Before implementing layoffs, employers must have an established layoff procedure.
Once a filled position is chosen for elimination, the employer must identify the impacted employee's layoff options.
There are many resources available to you before, during, and after a layoff.
Employees who have been laid off or notified that they are at risk of layoff.
It is natural to feel stress and grief through the layoff process.
Office closure dates due to temporary layoff days.
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