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Much of the damage inflicted on land is quite invisible to laymen.
It is on this point that both scholars and laymen almost universally agree.
As a result the whole subject of selection at age eleven-plus is a topic of heated discussion among educators and laymen.
We the laymen, must keep our hands off and let the professional educator arrange the schedules.
But sometimes conversations from laymen can help introduce food for thought.
At that time scientists no less authoritatively defended their perspectives to laymen than they do today.
Thanks for your comment, but additional explanation would benefit us laymen.
Also, there is nothing wrong with scientists or laymen speculating or theorising about the anomalies.
It is a read for for people who are laymen but are scientifically literate.
Forecasts of this kind are often bandied about, and laymen may wonder how seriously to take them.
Scholars and laymen have formed an organization exclusively devoted to studying and celebrating the venture.
They watch over the technocrats and laymen who run the ministries.
But, surely, there ought to be room for diversity of opinion among literary critics and laymen on these and other matters.
The second thing that laymen think they can learn from football coaches is the secrets of motivation.
To claim professional standing is in fact to claim to know things that laymen do not.
Those are things that can't be faked or hacked, and not nearly so ephemeral or difficult for the laymen to grasp.
Television is a far more effective medium for reaching ordinary laymen.
Laymen don't need to have in depth knowledge of every area of science.
It is so unbelievably arrogant for ignorant laymen to think they understand science better than scientists do.
There's a lot of misunderstanding with laymen and this can have a large effect on a wide range of areas.
Murphy wrote in a letter to the three that the commission should include doctors, lawyers, clergymen and laymen.
Laymen would be forgiven for not noticing much change.
Psychologists are often accused by laymen of doing experiments to prove the obvious.
Intelligent debate should be begun between scientists and laymen, with the aim of establishing protocols.
The views of laymen, especially from other parts of the world, do not appear to be worthy of the editors' attention.
And yet it's probably all you can expect from science reporting written by laymen.
It deflates their egos wonderfully: they do hardly any better than laymen.
It is difficult for laymen to contribute to economic research.
Biologists and laymen alike think of the genome as linear.
Financial literacy is on the rise, but many laymen still consider savings and investments a complex and alien world.
No, it can't be explained to laymen in layman-terms, because it's not as easy as that.
The book is aimed at teachers, administrators and concerned laymen.
Much of the damage inflicted on the land is quite invisible to laymen.
Consent forms should be written in laymen's language.

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