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Example sentences for layman

In many churches a layman active in church work will preach the sermon.
To the untrained eye, though, the line between the lab scientist and the layman can seem fuzzy.
We must look seriously at outside of the box thinking, including layman thoughts in layman terms.
To see how little the layman cares about the operating system of their phone, check in with a non-techy friend.
Especially legal text where words have a different meaning than everyday layman use.
Yes, folks you heard it here first, from a talented layman.
For many of you who may not be familiar with the term hybridization, let try to give you a layman example.
In general, both books succeed in being as engaging to the layman as to the practising or studying doctor.
It certainly doesn't take much online research to find data to concern this layman.
To the layman our modes of space travel can seem a little mundane.
As with any complex law, however, the text gets the layman only so far.
To this layman it is beginning to smell of phlogiston.
For example, here's an introduction to statistics for the layman.
To the layman or to observers versed in finance, these ideas might seem obvious.
Clearly space is not the empty vacuum that a layman might imagine.
So a layman has to be careful in finding out truth without falling prey to these traders.
Even in the mere matter of the inventory of speech the layman must be prepared for strange surprises.
The relevant experiments were more complicated than a layman might have expected.
As an unlettered layman, much of my personal research is a struggle.
Thank you for writing a wonderful layman-language article.
In principle, any expert's opinion outside their field of expertise is no better or worse than any other layman's opinion.
In layman's terms: the first day in almost every new place usually stinks.
In layman's terms it is pretty much the smallest thing you could ever count.
Their perspective is not that their team is dominating to the point of forcing indifference in the layman fan.
In layman's terms, that's called the fox watching the henhouse.
Both evolution and climate change are slow to happen such that they are described by things difficult for a layman to understand.

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