layering in a sentence

Example sentences for layering

Layering on more austerity would pummel an economy still struggling to achieve a virtuous circle of jobs, income and spending.
Locate a well-drained, shady spot and begin layering your materials in a pile on the ground.
On it, have students draw and label the new regions formed by layering the two maps.
The other element missing from her version is the layering of events.
But what you are proposing is at best layering of yet another complexity and non-neutrality into an already bad tax code.
But luxury is also about layering comfort into our turbocharged daily lives.
Cover the mixture with another layer of phyllo, again layering any excess dough up the sides of the pan.
The complex layering of pictorial incident keeps it engaged.
Layering rhythms on top of rhythms, he paid as much attention to a song's melody as to its beat.
With a foot of snow on the ground, we've officially entered layering season.
In interviews, several expressed a longing to see her hair an inch or so longer, perhaps with some layering.
But if you can't wait to break out those spring pieces, layering is the way to go.
Subsidy layering occurs when a project receives funds from more than one governmental source.
Otherwise, have the students note the layering that resulted and compare the layering results to their earlier predictions.
Also shown is the placement of these in the protocol layering architecture.
Layering of clothing is always the recommended choice with physical activity outdoors.
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