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Sweepstakes is subject to all applicable federal, provincial, state and local laws and regulations.
Drinking jug wine with my in-laws was a culinary awakening.
All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.
Sweepstakes is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.
But the motion has a long way to go before any laws are changed.
He argues those studies relied on surveys of drivers and lab simulations and didn't predict the effects of hands-free laws.
As though thought were common salt in indefinite solution it must enter a new phase subject to new laws.
Laws are to govern all alike-those opposed as well as those who favor them.
What those means are the state laws forbid me to say.
She and her husband have been lying to her in-laws about going to church.
What protection those laws offer has been the subject of evolving interpretation by federal courts.
And that's true in every state with laws requiring the issuance of a license to those who meet the requirements.
If the laws aren't enforced, then adding more laws won't help.
Yeah, they better hurry up before the students leave school and start changing the laws to something fair.
Early laws fixed the price that tavern-keepers could charge for a drink, so they couldn't cater to wealthy patrons.
Food wasn't scarce, though it took some ingenuity and the occasional suspension of the laws of science.
Federal and state authorities have strengthened laws and intensified prosecutions to discourage looting in this country.
Six approved laws requiring voters to have photo identification to cast their ballots.
Generally, towing laws are left up to each individual state.
The second group will defend the interests of those who feel strict environmental laws will cause them serious financial damage.
Most state laws require battery retailers to collect used car batteries from consumers for recycling.
Not that the laws of tooth and maw have been repealed.
The laws regulating products from internationally protected animals are more complex.
Many other businesses simply ignored the new building laws.
Some science and medical journal editors avoid publishing research findings that could draw lawsuits under restrictive libel laws.
There is scientific data to support these laws banning the marriage.
Because criminals don't turn their guns in when you make laws requiring them to do so.
The connection was created by our society and its drug laws and the propaganda about the drug.
All the wishes of dreamy eyed eco's will not change the laws of physics and economics.
While the reasons for kosher wine laws are hotly debated, the laws themselves are simple.
Subject to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
And speaking of bureaucracy, perhaps the biggest problem involves the laws governing the issuing of new permits.
He is practically extinct now, partly because of the feasts of my childhood before game laws shook their heads.
Your in-laws are asleep on an air mattresses by your feet and you have nephews demanding lunch.
In spite of laws intended to protect them, federal indifference and cruel fishing methods once again endanger dolphins.
Demographers predict that this trend will intensify in the new century if federal laws remain unchanged.
People's ability to discuss and feature information about anyone beyond themselves could be significantly hemmed in by these laws.
But this winter it has suddenly gone public, and its weapon is not flouting laws but making them.
The same universal laws seems to govern player rankings in sports as diverse as tennis, fencing, snooker and many others.
They say an infinitely expanding universe cannot be so because the laws of physics do not work in an infinite cosmos.
Clouds sometimes form more quickly than the laws of physics seem to allow.
But public laws do not change the natural laws of supply and demand.
And the laws of physics are essentially the result of symmetry.
The other is a domestic legislative proposal whose key features include tightening data-breach notification laws.
That's example of exactly what piracy laws should be targeting.
That's the moral thing to do because laws, almost universally, become more oppressive and abused than not having a law.
Our laws give enormous authority to parents and rightly so.
At such extremes the known laws of physics break down.
So there are laws that are defensible but unenforceable, and there are laws impossible to infringe.
She said she couldn't talk because of the veggie libel laws.
Entrapment has long been a factor in the enforcement of vice laws, which seek to punish behavior that is furtive and widespread.
He is being pressured to change the laws on succession, making it as easy for daughters to take the throne as sons.
He wanted respect for the laws of gravity, the physical properties of the basic elements.
Deficit spending gives the illusion that the laws of economics can be repealed.
The laws also frustrate reintegration, for they imply is that an ex-offender can never be a full citizen.
Libel laws are designed to discourage false statements of fact and to compensate the victims of such falsehoods.
From the facts of nature, including the laws, you can derive logically that this brain must be conscious.
Newton would never have discovered his laws by studying turbulence or snowflakes.
Clarification of its relation to rights and laws is urgently needed.
The laws are written so vaguely that the answer lies largely in the interpretation.
Zoning ordinances and regulations are laws that define how you can use your property.

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