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As such, all that stands between a homeowner and his green lawn is a sense of civic duty.
Several believed a lawn-based installation would cover up too much valuable green space.
Near the staging area they settled into their own little town of television trucks, tents, and lawn chairs.
Scientists say a perfect green lawn that never needs mowing may soon become a reality.
For a suburbanite, few experiences are more wrenching than watching a lush green lawn turn brown and scraggly.
The grotto is a natural amphitheatre with a sandy floor that accommodates camp and lawn chairs.
He was encouraged in this change of heart by the housing collapse, in which the market for lawn seed was collateral damage.
If wastebaskets and lawn mowing are big problems, your problems aren't that big.
No development has occurred, and the lawn and bushes have been allowed to grow wild.
Knock on the door or walk over when they're mowing the lawn.
No one will think badly of you for being early, unless maybe you show up the night before and camp on the lawn.
My roommate had a dog one time who ate my lawn mower.
But instead, he crossed the lawn and turned toward the box-garden.
Another agrees to plant a campaign sign on his lawn.
Others are painted brightly, or sport day lilies on a small lawn.
The gas tank is empty, but we've got a tank of gas sitting on the lawn next to the car.
Find more space for shrubs and flowers by getting rid of your lawn.
Get rebates on water-saving equipment or cash back for replacing your lawn with drought-tolerant plants.
Used for prevention or eradication of powdery mildew, rust, and some lawn diseases.
The easiest way to think about this is to look at the type of lawn mower you own.
Amazon is a catchall site for anyone shopping for anything from lawn furniture to kitchen appliances.
Which is good, because it means they'll be out driving their new car and will likely stay off my lawn.
All night, a doctor will sit by the patient's side in a plastic lawn chair, carefully monitoring his vitals.
These volatiles are responsible for the distinctive smell of a freshly mowed lawn, for instance.
Killing all the weeds in a lawn, including eg dandelions, converts the lawn into a desert from a bee's point of view.
Neighborhood kids come over to play all the time because our yard is more interesting than a flat boring lawn.
Although it may be late in the year for a new lawn mower, an end-of-season sale could be enticing.
Water your lawn in the early morning or at night to avoid losses from evaporation and use mulch to trap moisture.
You've gone the way of diving boards and lawn darts.
Of-course this also requires a large lawn mower, gas trimmer and other gas-powered tools to maintain.
Heh, except that so much dirt these days is contaminated with pollution and lawn chemicals.
Maybe she typically shops and does dishes, maybe he typically mows the lawn and washes the cars.
Urban streams suffer from increased phosphorus concentrations due to the ubiquitous application of lawn and garden fertilizers.
There was drumming and a bonfire and small children running across the sunlit lawn clutching rabbits to their chests.
There are also tiny rotary lawn mowers, beautiful little machines with blades sharp enough for shaving.
He had some gray hair cropped close as a sheep-eaten lawn, and his fingers ended in dumplings, each dumpling having a ring on it.
If you have any kind of leftover clean water, use it to water your garden or lawn.
The colorful, crease-resistant cotton lawn fabric is breathable and looks polished even in hot or humid weather.
Water from hand washing can be used to water the lawn.
Conventional fertilizers can prove detrimental to your lawn in the long run.
Serve an organic vegan meal on a reclaimed barn wood table that sits on bamboo flooring and overlooks a pesticide-free lawn.
Minimize fertilizer and pesticide use on your lawn and garden or switch to organic, nontoxic alternatives.
It took me hours to get him out of the shelter and onto the lawn.
If you don't have a shredder, run over your materials with a lawn mower to chop them.
Simply moving the downspout so that the water is directed onto a lawn or garden allows this water to be used.
Water your lawn only when necessary and landscape with drought-tolerant plant species.
After dinner, join the kids for karaoke or an outdoor movie projected on a giant screen set up on the resort lawn.
It was the first time they had put an election sign on their lawn.
Knots of ordinary people sit fanning themselves in lawn chairs, the paint still sticky on their handmade signs.
It did take him five hours and, when he was done, the lawn was covered with a fine layer of goose down.
It's a sprawling beige one-story building, surrounded by a huge tended lawn.
Older married couple sat side-by-side in lawn chairs, holding hands and tapping toes.
Barn swallows and dragonflies snarfed up insects over the lawn.
Two days later, the system had its official début, and close to a thousand people gathered on the lawn for the occasion.
Last spring it was decided to have three distinct sorts of lawn-carefully divided and labeled with wooden signs.
Your grandma, your babushka, sat on a good chair on the lawn.
Soon they were busy round a prickly fir-tree at the end of the lawn.
It rained for two or three days-a steady, soaking rain that had my sons whooping barefoot on the lawn.
Upon approaching the statue a second time, it was obvious to me that the lawn jockey was in exactly the same spot.
The streaming gas forms a spiral pattern in the same way a rotating lawn sprinkler shoots out water.
The hawk had landed with its prey on a lawn and the crows were preventing him from eating it or being able to fly off with it.
The plane evoked, to those inside it, a flying lawn mower.
Among its many amenities: a full, mowed lawn on a patio on the third of its five floors.
Before a sale can close, the broker explains, a broad swath of the lawn will need to be ripped up and the natural flora restored.
Surveying stakes are visible on the lawn outlining an addition that will house her collection of decorative objects.
As they pitched their pup tents on the palmetto-fringed lawn, the reality of the situation sank in.
Lawn care in an environmentally sensitive way can be achieved by following the information provided in this brochure.

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