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There appears to be a homology between the principle of equality of the theory of relativity and the law of quantum entanglement.
The central government was mainly focusing on issues of law and order or security.
To do so only punishes those who are not breaking the law and it also rewards bad behavior and incents others to break the law.
The government was weak and ineffective, with little regard for the law.
The spotted owl crystallized the power of the species-protection law.
Only the strict, unchanging law of the prophet can redeem this uncivilized condition.
In downturns of years past, law firms exploited corporate failures and bitter, protracted lawsuits to keep busy and keep billing.
The offender may then be justly punished by opinion, though not by law.
In this matter of profit the law ought to have its strongest ally in the landlord himself, though the reverse is the case.
The question is one of balance, weighing the protection of the law against the strong public interest in continued innovation.
Law officials say there is no connection in the two cases, however.
The law will do that in part through increasing efficiency.
It seems that something odd happens to the second law of thermodynamics when systems get sufficiently small.
Every student of physics learns this fundamental law.
The standards on ozone are ones that the agency will revisit in the future in accordance with the law.
Anarchy was the rule, and the rule of law was nonexistent.
EU legislators have enthusiastically supported taxing airline emissions, approving the law last year.
The question of blame belongs in a court of law, not in a doctor's office.
Inventors are never consulted about patent law or changes to it.
The law was challenged by four homeowners who said they needed handguns for their safety.
Now, a new national law aims to protect the national treasure, though the first penalties have been relatively mild.
The law he wants to overturn has also hobbled libraries' efforts to digitize and share books, films, and music.
If you haven't gone to a top-ten law school, you are almost certain to fail on the market.
Expulsion is out of balance, especially when you consider that other law breakers are allowed to stay.
The obvious alternative to enforcement is to reconsider law.
It is a mistake about law and a mistake about history.
But you hear of a new law that will forbid you to discriminate by not hiring unemployed people.
It's disconcerting enough that the law fails to require the level of certainty that morality demands.
Three years of law school does not teach that kind of persuasion.
But this sort of law enforcement strategy rarely works.
Both sets of plaintiffs claim that the library component of the project violates copyright law.
Writer discusses another example of the power law distribution in the way that auto emissions are regulated.
And then there is his insistence that the relentless downward pressure on prices represents an iron law of the digital economy.
Signing that bill into law was one of the early acts of his governorship.
At eighteen, she married an older law student, but the marriage unravelled while she was still an undergraduate.
After a life of loving the old, by natural law the writer turned old himself.
When it comes to fundamental matters of rights and the rule of law, those answers are alarming.
The question of whether a certain technique is a search or frisk under the law largely turns on the subject's privacy expectation.
Forgetting the law of conservation of energy is no small oversight.
The first is the power law that describes the number of links to each vertex in the network.
But beware of big, sprawling, white-shoe corporate law firms that overcharge.
It is often perceived as uptight and reactionary, mainly because its function is to uphold existing law.
Otherwise, on that date, the measure will become law without her signature.
The responsibility for reluctance, however, also lies with the prosecutors and the law itself.
Most people are interested in crime and criminal trials but not in the criminal law.
The law imposes liability upon vaccine manufacturers for two reasons.
It amounted to changing copyright law by litigation instead of legislation.
So it's not a suitable area for investing exactly because you don't have the rule of law.
Network of federally operated training centers for law enforcement personnel.
It is prudent, however, to check with authorities of the other country to see if dual nationality is permissible under local law.

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