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He never indulges in needless extravagance of rhetoric, lavish epithets, profuse imagery.
Something lavish would have been out of character in this drought-tolerant landscape.
Instead, new developments are providing lavish common spaces.
Several serve lavish, multicourse dinners for guests and visitors.
You're welcome to check them all out and root for your favorites by leaving lavish commentary.
Strolling through an equatorial rain forest or a northern pine forest can be thrilling enough, if only for the lavish scenery.
Refreshments are not lavish, but snacks and beverages are provided.
They fly in a private jet, have a personal physician on staff and maintain multiple lavish residences.
The dedication and raising of a totem pole is accompanied by a great potlatch, a public feast often involving lavish gift giving.
Affluent quilt-makers sought the finest of these calicoes and chintzes to sew into lavish bedcovers.
Many are now buying up land at outrageous prices in the great smokey mountains building condo's and lavish vacation houses.
So far as good taste is concerned, the decorations for a ball cannot be too lavish or beautiful.
With such a store of observed images at his command, there must have been a constant temptation to lavish it at every turn.
Make sure to lavish affection on your clients, and try to ensure that every one of them has a positive experience.
The in-house advance publicity for these broadcasts was lavish.
They wanted to re-create the bar on a more lavish scale, with exposed brick and antique fixtures.
His great indulgence is lavish spending, and in this he can match the excess of any corporate mandarin.
Entertaining doesn't always have to translate into a lavish party.
At the same time, be warned also that you can spoil a dish by being too lavish and upsetting the balance of the ingredients.
They brought out all their best foods-and they don't have a lot of food-and put on a lavish banquet.
The elephants are usually adorned with lavish garments.
Lavish illustrations illuminate the faithful, their houses of worship, and the articles and artifacts of faith.
Unfortunately, my family cannot afford to go on such lavish trips.
The funeral was criticized as insufficiently lavish and elaborate.
It seems churlish to criticize even mildly the flagship public radio news shows-their reliable excellence deserves lavish praise.
Here's a modest sampling of the lavish cerebral feast you'll find between the book's covers.
Chinook-speakers offering guests a lavish meal on windy frontier coasts might be thought of as the bigwigs of local society.
It showed the two armies in lavish detail, but not the clash of ideals that impelled them onto the battlefield.
Furthermore, the availability of cheap water encourages farmers to lavish it on inappropriately thirsty crops.
It encourages families with money to buy larger mortgages and rich employers to pick up lavish health care plans.
Companies are canceling splashy events and lavish business dinners or revamping the way they plan them.
The city has locations for weddings of all styles and themes, from casual outdoor affairs to lavish, formal ceremonies.
The more hawkish countries want oil prices to remain as high as possible to fund their lavish budgets.
Average pay in the public sector is higher, retirement often earlier and pensions relatively lavish.
Senior jobs at city-owned enterprises come with lavish perks.
The vagueness of the legislation means that the authorities may prosecute for lavish entertainment as well as more blatant bribes.
Another reason is that music videos have found more lavish digital homes.
The implication was that the purchase of new rolling stock brought lavish commissions.
Its prominence has had much to with the global dominance of its culture, the allure of its labour market and its lavish bursaries.
Lavish pay-outs are not only costly in themselves but can also damage the long-term health of a company.
From the beginning he kept himself in the public eye with arresting stunts and lavish gestures.
Their tables were seated with genius, and the arrangement of their linens and porcelains was highly original as well as lavish.
Giving lavish bonuses has always been part of the way the studios do business.
In keeping with the gilded age, he added nine lavish floors of his own design.
In fact, as she well knew, she and her family maintained a lavish lifestyle well above that amount.
The groom responded with a counter-dowry of equally lavish clothing and jewelry.
He was especially lavish in his praise of the officers for the manner in which they handled matters.
What is reasonable in one part of the country may appear lavish in another part of the country.
Lavish tombs were built with long ramps lined with lively mural paintings.
Dining rooms were filled with depictions of lush bouquets and lavish repasts that suggested their owners' comfortable lives.
Likewise, some lavish banquet tables are set with partially uneaten meals, interrupted midcourse.
Indeed, they need vast resources to mount the lavish spectacle they've envisioned.
Compared with the rest of the world, industrial nations enjoy a lavish standard of living.
Even if you have a job, it's not a good time to have your wage be dependent on lavish tips.

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