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He had nothing to do, so he went to the lavatory and washed his hands.
If an issuing bank went belly-up then, its notes would be so much lavatory paper.
In hospitals, patients must bring everything, including lavatory paper.
The half bath had a lavatory so small that it could not be used.
Outside is a vast heap of litter and plastic bags used by children as a lavatory.
The lavatory wall is the manifesto of a counter-revolution that never comes.
People complained, and rightly so, when forced to sit near a smelly lavatory.
Many believe it is caught from lavatory seats or spread by witchcraft.
One team complained about its accommodations, having to change in the lavatory.
After a series of moves, the family ends up in a ramshackle apartment that reeks from the public lavatory next door.
And air travelers are more likely to pick up these bugs by touching a lavatory doorknob or a latch on an overhead bin.
J's could be the first restaurant chain with a destiny manifestly influenced by lavatory flourishes.
Through the back door, there was a little courtyard with a small two-storey building, part of which housed the single lavatory.
She was led by the hand along a narrow hall to a tiny, filthy lavatory with a sorry little window looking out on the night.
Many are deliberately placed next to a public lavatory.
They also see no votes in cutting the ribbon outside a new public lavatory.
We all understand the need for use of the lavatory, but there is a real risk of injury.
She began to think of lurching along to the lavatory, braving the bleary stares.
The new house is next to a public lavatory that smells.
Some days after lunch he shuttled from flight lab to lavatory nearly every hour.
The lavatory beneath the stairs and adjacent to the television room does not have a shower.
He is remembered for something much less romantic: inventing the first flushing lavatory.
The lavatory faucet requires twisting of the wrist to operate.
Each of the single cells has a bed, lavatory and commode.

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