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Example sentences for laurels

There are no guarantees, though, so don't rest on your laurels.
The authorities would be unwise to rest on their laurels.
The hemlocks thinned out, giving way to sunlight and open deciduous woods, with mountain laurels lining the brook.
The company that essentially created the netbook phenomenon has hardly been one to rest on its laurels.
They say they are celebrating their victory but by no means resting on their laurels.
Both had inherited a driving ambition from a father who did not let them rest on their laurels.
Any comparable designer would rest on their laurels after having made such a distinct impression on the fashion world.
So the laurels surely go to those who are so wealthy that they are willing to buy adverts encouraging the state to tax them.
Our laurels are wreathed for conquest, our songs for completed glory.
Of all the numerous wars and conflicts in those days, there was not one from which he returned without laurels and rewards.
It stopped innovating and started resting on its laurels.
By reposing on their laurels, they soon sunk into senility.
PC, however, has never rested on its considerable laurels.
They're wealthy, they're pretty, they've got some petrified laurels.
Now is not the time to let starters rest on their laurels increased again.
The campground is shaded by an oak forest, full of rhododendron and mountain laurels.
Maybe seasons before you could rest on your laurels, but that's not good enough.
Despite how productive they both were, both have declined in talent and are trying to make it on their past laurels.
Having produced a successful drug, a company has no time to rest on its laurels.
Consumerism has outlived its usefulness: it made us sit on our laurels.
Stop resting on your laurels and insulting your neighbors.
Their colleagues and peers have recognized these seasoned professionals with awards and laurels.
Now is not the time, however, for those of us involved in the budget process to rest on our laurels.
The whole railing, on each side of the bridge, was dressed with laurels interwoven with cedar.
The dominant search engine isn't resting on its laurels.

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