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There is a possible fortune in store for somebody who will start a laundry for flannels.
The professor of molecular biology and genetics was at home, folding laundry.
Around the corner from the market, a small dry-cleaning firm lets customers pay for laundry using their phones.
Large three bedroom two full bath being painted and cleaned located in a beautiful elevator laundry building.
Result, you make it a point to do laundry and run the dish washer outside the peak times.
On one hand, she notes, the report fails to provide any ranking for its laundry list of laudable aims.
Laundry detergent is one household product that can be made with biodegradable ingredients.
Every parent needs a break from time to time-a few minutes to prepare dinner, do the laundry or quickly check e-mail.
Proponents of hanging laundry argue they should not be forbidden from saving on energy bills.
Eco-friendly laundry products are free of phosphates that can harm the environment.
The researchers placed the same nine ads for products such as soft drinks, laundry detergent and cereal in all of the shows.
Flowers will wilt and food will spoil, but the lifetime of a t-shirt is only a function of your ability to do laundry.
Before hitting the mall, though, consider how often you prefer to do laundry and how much storage space you have.
Skip using hydrogen peroxide on the countertops, and add it to your laundry as a bleach alternative.
Don't do the laundry until you've got a full load, and the same if you have a dishwasher.
At first, the yard was accessible only through the laundry room off the back of the house.
If you zoom in enough, you can even see laundry hanging out to dry in some of the buildings.
Academia is full of overworked people, worked to maximum capacity who barely stop to breathe and find their laundry.
Adjust the washing machine so that water levels match the load of laundry.
Laundry baskets, irons and sewing materials are a necessity.
These laundry solutions are better for your clothes, the planet, and you more.
Network attached storage options are about as exciting as drying your laundry.
Look for woven trays, lidded laundry baskets, and decorative pieces made from split bamboo and palm leaves.
Then he started tinkering with a polypropylene box, about the size of a laundry basket.
Laundry baskets, grocery bags, and milk jugs are all made from polyethylene.
The cookbook stash in the laundry room near exploding it's so large.
Don't give a laundry list of people that you believe said student to be smarter than.
Instead of resorting to chemicals, try making your own laundry detergent out of safe and gentle natural ingredients.
And even though it's got a laundry list of issues, you'll be having so much fun that you probably won't mind.
The air is scented with cooking smoke and drying laundry.
Dry your laundry on a clothesline instead of using a tumble dryer whenever possible.
Use hydrogen peroxide as an alternative to bleach in your laundry room.
Laundry lists of credentials without context are useless.
For a peek behind the scenes in the shade of wet laundry, venture down a few side streets.
What spilled out of the laundry-basket-size bag was mind-boggling.
Laundry flaps from clotheslines and paint peels in trackside neighborhoods.
If there was any leaking onto the liner or the wrapper, you toss them into the laundry.
Take your laundry to the local river and wash it by beating against a rock.
She had always had a sharp sense of what wasn't fair, such as being paid a pittance at the laundry.
White vinegar is also great to throw in the laundry with clothes.
Grated soap adds extra cleaning power to laundry detergent, and citric acid prevents streaking and spotting in the dishwasher.
To optimize the benefits of grey water irrigation, you should select laundry additives with care.
Wash full loads in cold water and line dry the laundry.
Many major stores carry green laundry detergent, and you also can find it at food co-ops or health food stores.
If you use a clothesline, the sun and the air will dry laundry free.
Water is also used for laundry, sanitation and landscaping.
Purchase environmentally friendly laundry products and energy-efficient appliances when yours need replacing.
People always talk about the free food and laundry service but you get that in jail too.
Restrooms and warm showers are provided on-site, and other amenities include laundry, mini golf and a public lounge.
Even the fanciest suite can be miserable if it's next door to a heavily trafficked laundry room or under a nightclub.
Campground amenities include two restrooms with showers, a laundry facility, a gift shop and a recreation hall.
Guests can use the hotel's meeting and conference rooms, outdoor swimming pool and guest laundry.
The hotel offers an on-site fitness center, outdoor pool, laundry facilities and same-day dry cleaning pickup.
The park provides full-service restrooms and a laundry facility, as well as a store for camping supplies.
The hotel has an exercise room, indoor pool and hot tub and guest laundry room.
Restrooms, showers and laundry facilities are available, and pets are allowed.
It has its own fitness center, outdoor swimming pool and a guest laundry facility.
Other amenities are round-the-clock room service, safe deposit boxes, same-day laundry and a currency exchange.
Every site has a picnic table at a campground that also has paved roads, restrooms, showers and a laundry room.
Amenities include an indoor pool, exercise room and guest laundry.
Other hotel amenities include a fitness room, pool, laundry facility and valet dry cleaning services.
Guests also have use of the on-site laundry room, swimming pool, game room and restrooms with showers.
His group has also enabled the first end-to-end completion of reliably picking up a crumpled laundry article and folding it.
In my study, also known as the guest bedroom, also known as the room where the laundry-drying racks live.
It amounted to a sort of confession re something unfortunate that had occurred in the laundry room.
Oh, look: here's a closet, a closet with shelves full of paper towels and laundry detergent.
My father was the super at an industrial laundry downtown, where he met her, and the laundry was raided often enough.
Even when it was twenty below, she did the washing for six people, pressing with heavy flatirons laundry that had frozen stiff.
He rushes to the laundry in a desperate attempt to salvage his art treasure, but it has already shrunk and is ruined.
Laundry, cleaning, preparing food--Dottie had plenty to do in helping keep up the household during her formative years.
She had come over to do her laundry, and they had enjoyed a lazy day, chatting and watching television.
No more laundry list of all the government's activities, no more boring survey of every potential trouble spot in the world.
Not to mention the laundry list of duties employers are looking for, barely paying above minimum wage.
After a week he got a job in a laundry for ninety cents an hour, and soon after that he got a second job at another laundry.
It is being used to find solutions in everything from food ingredients and pharmaceuticals to laundry aids and biofuels.
Gleefully ferreting out laundry from under the neighbor's bed is another.
The scent of a laundry room, for instance, became remarkably intense.
Humans have an additional laundry list of confounds.
There's a clear distinction in a laundry made by washer when compared to a laundry done by using hands.
Coveting is uncool, but there is a whole laundry list of negative emotions, many of which are ugly indeed.
Physics isn't a laundry list of pseudo political top ten ideas from x field versus y field.
His goal was to break into one of each type in a laundry list of countries.
It was so corrosive that it scarred dishes in their dishwasher and stained their laundry.
These burglars knew where the best jewelry was hidden, under a laundry basket high up in a bedroom closet.
The overall effect is more than a laundry list of nifty features.
Also some modern laundry detergents are made to clean best at certain temperatures.

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