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It shows, apparently, desecration of corpses by laughing service members.
Humor is the key, especially if it catches your listeners off guard, leaving them laughing and open to suggestion.
None one is laughing at the joke but the drug companies.
With two large sections of humanity laughing at one another.
Any honest skeptic ought to walk away from evolution laughing.
Everyone who has every swum in the ocean is laughing at you.
The crowd roared and everyone was laughing including her.
And the real laughing point here is the statement about tens of thousands of years.
More and more, however, people are criticising civil servants for their incompetence rather than laughing at their cunning.
Sectarianism was so foreign to him that when he met rank prejudice, he often burst out laughing.
They may look ridiculous, but all those taches are no laughing matter.
Hungry for any contact with the outside world, a good-natured crowd soon formed, laughing and grabbing for the pamphlets.
Will see who's going to be laughing more in the end.
Before long, students are laughing and shouting out answers.
Laughing is one thing, but complete disrespect is something else entirely.
If people were indeed laughing behind my back, they still gave me jobs and scholarships.
If the guy makes a joke, touch his arm while laughing.
We all know that anger cannot look at anger without laughing.
Hal tried to keep on laughing but he too was in an earnest mood.
One should fly a laughing enemy and a flattering friend.
She had pretty teeth, and she was fond of laughing, to show them.
Some of you are laughing because you don't know any better, and others laughing because you are too mean to cry.
He liked to watch our football games and stood for hours on the sidelines, with his small, coy smile and pale laughing eyes.
Stop scaring my kids, but even they are laughing now.
Packaged in a retro tin travel trailer, this game is sure to bring back fond memories and get friends and family laughing.
It might be the hum of your computer, birds outside of your window, or younger brothers and sisters laughing.
He described the way light played on the wall-cowbells jingling, children giggling, laughing-that sort of thing.
We exit town and head out across the open countryside, laughing and pedaling fast, capes flapping in the breeze.
We each emerged from our dunk sputtering mud and laughing.
It has you laughing, crying and fuming in certain parts of the books.
Entirely worldly, they are otherworldly in their laughing dedication.
Not by laughing at the preposterousness of such an article, but by taking it to heart.
Investigators say that juveniles are often found laughing and playing at homicide scenes.
As it is now, they can and do get away with anything they want, and then scurry away laughing because they can not be prosecuted.
He tempered his friends' complaints, mostly by laughing at them.
He sits in the living room with an art gallery owner friend of his, laughing.
She burst out laughing and pulled onto the shoulder.
If someone told a joke, they did not immediately burst out laughing but waited until others laughed.
Their noses and cheeks were red, and they were laughing at a joke he'd made.
We did not know or remember the reason for laughing.
Clem makes the drinks and shakes his head, laughing.
But the fool, noticing nothing, continued talking and laughing.
But this show is purely celebratory-there's no dismay left, only laughing wonder.
He burst out laughing, incredulous at the spectacle.
Spotted hyenas are sometimes portrayed as cowardly scavengers, always laughing, always up to some kind of mischief.
He was standing in the playpen, happily hitting her over the head with a stuffed dinosaur, and laughing.
These children were always smiling and often laughing.
Which he cheerfully went along with, laughing along with her.
Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with laughing at drunken idiots.
And the annoying friend who is laughing as she cries in pain, nasty.
Squishy is in the stroller munching on a piece of green garlic as long as she is, and laughing her fool head off.
On the edge of the beach, children dance nimbly from one bobbing ice floe to the next, laughing and daring one another.
It's not usually used to show characters yukking it up and laughing really loud.
Close-ups are too jarring on the screen, and this type of cut can stop an audience from laughing.
At this, some of his aides couldn't stop themselves and burst out laughing.
Yet here he is, at one o'clock in the morning, laughing as if he made revolutions every week.
They are innately aware of a higher calling that is no laughing matter.
And everybody's had a few drinks, and everybody's laughing, but maybe it isn't really so funny.
One of the tabloid writers at the trial says she had the jury laughing and crying with her.
But when they do see me, they're going to die laughing.
None of its comedy is funny enough to make anyone wear himself out laughing.
But a government in full-blown crisis is no laughing matter.
She was always laughing and giggling and always the center of attraction.
But the scandal that stunned the giant firm last week was no laughing matter.

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