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Example sentences for latte

It reminds me of mushroom bisque or hazelnut ice cream or an especially creamy latte.
Warm up with a velvety rich latte in the new home of locals' long-loved coffeehouse.
One might say he needs a skim soy latte or a big car to tote around his children.
Then you could drink your latte while the car charges.
But a look beneath the surface of our system shows that innovation is not confined to the double-latte set.
Drinks include vanilla soy milk and sweet pumpkin latte.
Go ahead, order that latte with a double shot of espresso.
If you're looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, the answer is probably a nap, rather than a caramel latte.
Something to ponder over your next cup of steaming latte.
Until he is willing to commit to change, you need to focus on doing what is best for you and the little latte.
Morning after a relaxed breakfast, perhaps a decaf latte and a mango smoothie.
If someone turns to their cell phone to find the nearest coffee shop, they might get a coupon for a second latte free.
These espresso machines can make anything from a plain cuppa joe to a fancy-pants latte.
Turbo's lag may jostle your latte, and its ever-present whine is grating.
She brings him a tall double latte without waiting for him to order.
Café owners celebrated with something stronger than a skinny latte.
The focus was not a pleasant dolce latte but rather the sourer subject of the use of biotechnology to boost milk production.
In other words, throw out the latte and the cell phone and pick up a broom.
For example, different brands of airline flight or latte vary less and less as time goes by.
Provided you are on your toes, you can be out of there with your latte in a couple of minutes.
While eliminating a daily latte will do a bit of good, you'll do better to focus on the dramatic.
Waiters in waistcoats take my latte orders with a slight bow.
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