latrine in a sentence

Example sentences for latrine

But after five years, the town had provided no electricity and had turned down their application for a communal latrine.
It is a typical matchbox house: four small rooms inside, pit latrine and cold-water tap outside.
Each campsite includes a low-impact latrine with a composting toilet.
Closed for half of last summer, the beach is a latrine for sea gulls, research studies say.
She was surprised at how much daylight remained as she walked to the latrine below the dunes.
Otters also communicate through scent at latrine sites.
The position of the latrine would have placed it partially inside the tent.
The latrine is located almost directly behind each cabin.

Famous quotes containing the word latrine

The fact that several men were able to become infatuated with that latrine is truly the proof of the declin... more
God went out of me as if the sea dried up like sandpaper, as if the sun became a latrine.... more
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