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Lateral buds grow along the sides of a shoot and give rise to the sideways growth that makes a plant bushy.
Once the plant is growing well, gradually begin pinching or pruning off lateral growth at the plant's base.
They have a lateral line down their whole body that senses motion, but maybe it does more than that.
Moreover, our pelvic anatomy exerts so-called lateral pressure on our lower joints.
She insisted that was, at best, a lateral move for an up and coming musician.
And of course, you can always keep your eye on openings that would amount to lateral moves for you and your partner.
If this is more of a lateral move, then that might be a different story.
The other was the lateral cerebellar cortex, which is more to do with manual abilities.
Even if they are wrong, a little lateral thinking may help shake up the field.
Protecting ships, however, requires lateral thinking.
Driving markets in medical devices and drugs require fundamentally lateral mode of thinking in management.
At the station, there are lateral guides alongside the track.
The cables resist stretching to retain lateral stiffness and conserve forward momentum.
Lower jaw shows goldwork, right lower lateral incisor and also goldwork on the canines.
Deposited nearby were rust-brown worm eggs with lateral spines.
They now navigate through the pitch-blackness by using their lateral lines to sense changes in water pressure.
Such lateral flows are not unknown in those domains.
Such a pickup is technically called horizontal or lateral gene transfer.
As the universe expands the incidental lateral direction of expansion may reduce the effective curvature.
Often gamers employ memory, attention to detail, and lateral thinking.
According to the co-lateral texts, the development of life forms is based on the development of support limbs.
Regarded as average in terms of pursuit and lateral speed.
The vast majority of sprained ankles are known medically as lateral inversion sprains.
Ronald is still strictly a box player, as he does not have the lateral agility or speed to make plays in pursuit.
Has good lateral mobility, size and strength, and excellent hockey sense.
He can move down the line, but lacks the lateral quickness and speed to slip off blocks and get pressure consistently.
Lateral hiring has taken a back seat to layoffs at big law firms in the past six months.
The vertebral column has also a slight lateral curvature, the convexity of which is directed toward the right side.
The medial or nasal surface presents a longitudinal furrow, corresponding to the crest on the lateral surface.
The motor nucleus of the trigeminal is situated in the upper part of the pons beneath the lateral angle of the fourth ventricle.
Lateral view of frontal, ethmoidal and maxillary sinus areas, the lateral portion of each having been removed by sagittal cuts.
The catheter is inserted through the brain into the lateral ventricle.

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