latent heat in a sentence

Example sentences for latent heat

The latent heat used up for evaporation is given back during condensation and the energy consumed is quite small.
The remaining latent heat keeping the roads from freezing radiates into space.
Ocean evaporation estimates are calculated from satellite data that looks at latent heat fluxes.
The latent heat of melting will soak up a lot of energy that would otherwise have caused warming.
There are losses each time, amongst them, you do not recover the latent heat of water expelled as steam.
Rising air cools and eventually condenses in the form of cloud droplets, releasing latent heat in the process.
The release of latent heat from water supplies storm energy.
Once water begins to condense into dew and fog, it releases latent heat, which slows the cooling of the air significantly.
These are all necessary to facilitate the exact degree of latent heat required to convert the opium into vapor.
Latent heat storage uses a phase change material as a storage medium.
With water vapor in the air, the possibility exists that latent heat will be realized.
The other parts include kinetic energy and latent heat.
Polynomial correlations for vapor pressure, saturated densities, and latent heat were produced.
The convective scheme needs to take into account latent heat released during condensation.
The station was capable of measuring the fluxes of net radiation, sensible heat and latent heat using an eddy correlation system.
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