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Example sentences for lateness

Judging by the amount of beer and snacks consumed and the lateness of our departure back home, the evening was a success.
Lateness is a self-fulfilling prophecy: aware that everyone else is likely to be late, the punctual stop making an effort.
It was perplexing that they should have been surprised by the lateness of the train.
Lateness came early to both, both dead in their fifties.
They run on a tight schedule and do not make allowances for casual lateness.
Lateness will result in your ticket being invalidated.
But none of that excuses pointless and conspicuous lateness.
Now she was management, and she could no longer shrug off an employee's chronic lateness or poor work habits.
Once again the lateness of the tickers added to the confusion and as a guide to the trading were well-nigh worthless.
He had punctured the window of acceptable lateness two minutes ago.
If your application is late, you must explain your lateness or your application will be dismissed.
Inconsistent in arriving to work, returning from breaks on time, and calling supervisor prior to lateness.
The penalty percentage rate increases as the lateness increases.
Lateness should be confronted at the time it becomes a problem.

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