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It definitely does not establish latency in either the liver or the lungs.
For starters, latency depends on bandwidth: for a given bit rate a large file will have higher latency than a smaller file.
There was a slight latency problem that caused some of the game controls to hiccup.
There is no weary celebration of the demonic here, no facile declaration of evil's universal latency.
The latency cannot be less than the distance the electromagnetic signal has to travel divided by the speed of light.
The new thermal sensor is digital, which means it has a bit of latency.
And then figuring out software compensations for that latency.
The aim is to reduce the delay between order and execution, known as latency.
The inherent latency in networks imposed by global distances limits us to applications that don't require instantaneous feedback.
The use of torture would aid latency while damaging all the others.
Training brings that latency to the fore, proper training refines that capacity so that it doesn't get completely out of control.
The time taken for this round-trip of request and acknowledgment determines the network's latency.
Another question we're working on is what viral genes enable varicella-zoster virus to establish latency in nerve cells.
The new undersea cables aren't being driven by a need for more capacity, but rather to reduce latency in the network.
Voice requires a pretty good quality of service, so there's not latency or jitter on the packets as they go through.
Bioengineering can emerge from the conscious exploration of nature, although sometimes with long latency.
Carriers are now worried about how to get low latency capacity to the base stations.

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