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So, our feathers have been ruffled lately by a nagging fear that one of our pullets is a rooster.
Some comments, as one who's lately been obsessing about morels.
There has been a lot of press about the importance of quality teachers lately.
There has lately been a strange development of feeling over the rumors of a revival of detachable shirt cuffs.
Lately, though, the status of the iconic animal has been up for debate.
But lately there has been evidence that plants and animals are changing much faster than that.
Lately, microscopy has been greatly enhanced by digital image processing.
Lately, you've been doing things that are a little different than the close up portraits.
There's a little check mark by the recipe for popovers, which pleases me, since this has been my own breakfast obsession lately.
Lately, however, the manuscripts have begun to trickle out into the world.
Lately, summer has been coming to the mountains earlier than ever.
Lately, the engine has been dying mysteriously after two or three hours.
Lately, however, there are signs that public taste is morphing in his direction.
Lately she has become intrigued by their intelligence.
Football draws as much attention lately for the knocks that players take as it does for their drives down the field.
Lately, however, the fortunes of scientists studying these elusive creatures have begun to turn.
And lately it has been growing thicker, brighter, more lustrous.
Lately, the backcountry has become so sanctified that you feel a little guilty for using it at all.
Tuna has gotten a lot of press lately-both good and bad.
We value all of your comments and want to apologize for any frustration you've experienced lately.
Lately, we've been shopping around in completely new planetary neighborhoods.
It was an old termite mound, excavated by an aardvark or some other insectivore and lately filled with rain water.
It is getting worse lately, he is getting to the point of not being able to stand up and even has a tough time laying down.
Still, it has occurred to me lately that perhaps reading my syllabi aloud seems boring because my syllabi are boring.
We've changed presidents, and that image has been noticeably lacking on our promotional materials lately.
The crime-is-in-our-genes notion has popped up in the news lately.
The board's actions have gotten much attention lately.
People can't seem to get enough of vampires lately, and zombies have a new lease on life.
However, it has become quite fashionable lately among some citizens of our country.
Here are some cool digital archives or archive-related projects we've come across lately.
Lately, the toughest challenge has been separating work life from family life.
The best camera is always the one you have with you, and lately that means your phone.
There's been a lot written lately about storage availability and prices.
And the aviation world is abuzz with what he's been saying lately.
But many of those who pioneered the movement seem to have become less devoted to it lately.
Two magic words are turning consumers' heads lately.
Lately, as economic concerns globally proved to be a priority, the importance of this topic appears to abate.
Lately, though, the strategy has become less profitable.
But lately some kinds of technology have been moving in the other direction, too.
But lately the symptoms of schizophrenia have grown more pronounced.
But the increasing popularity of these unpaid placements has caused some controversy lately.
Lately, though, these adjectives hardly spring to mind when company bosses are mentioned.
Lately the government's stellar poll ratings have begun to sag slightly.
Some markets have been doing extremely well, even if more uncertainty has crept in lately.
Yet lately politics has started to look a bit more promising.
Lately, there have been echoes of the days when inflation roared.
But clearly, some markets have been doing extremely well, even if more uncertainty has crept in lately.
Although they have wobbled a bit lately, junk-bond prices have recovered sharply in the past few months.
The silk manufacture, though altogether employed upon foreign materials, has lately obtained the same advantage.
No one thought of the blood that had flowed so lately.
Video games have taken a lot of heat lately, blamed by some for triggering violence and fostering sedentariness.
But lately it seems that the strangest celestial bodies come in a medium size.
There is no need to panic if, lately, you have forgotten an appointment or a friend's birthday or where you placed your keys.
But lately researchers have been thinking that the lesson in humility has gone too far.
Lately, physicists have become interested in soap films because they provide a unique window into turbulence in two dimensions.
These thermometers have lately been adopted by some athletes.
The industry has come under fire lately for a lack of transparency in product ingredients.
Stories of pepper spray have been all over the news lately.
Graphics has lately made a great shift towards machine learning, which itself is about understanding data.
Yet experts have lately come to understand that the prognosis for patients with schizophrenia is not uniformly dire.
Lately their reports of increasing oil saving claims had me doubting my back of the envelop calculations.
You've probably heard that the world's honeybees have suffered stinging losses lately.
Unless your father was a prince with a shady past, you probably haven't thought much about how related you are to a frog lately.
The blogger to my left muttered something about how far removed she'd been feeling from her meals lately.
Lately, the horseman had appeared in her waking thoughts as well.
Anybody who says you can't have it both ways clearly hasn't been spending much time reading opinion polls lately.
Lately, however, the pursuit of advantage has taken an extreme turn.
Lately, however, there have been signs of a cease-fire.
The second argument, to which progressives' attention has turned lately, concentrates on the mandate.
Consequently, those interests have spent a lot on lobbying lately.
If you're feeling the downside of being a parent lately, know that you're not alone.
The industry stopped planning and building new reactors for decades, but interest has lately revived.
Lately, investors would rather fund companies that put solar panels on roofs than ones that manufacture the solar panels.
But lately those lenses have been looking for far more than shoplifters.
Lately, search engines have started focusing more on providing answers to specific questions.
The potential of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles to curb petroleum use has grabbed a lot of attention lately.
But lately their actions have been chipping away at their reputation with some of their products.
Yet biofuels have come under criticism lately--experts say they've contributed to rising food prices.
Lately it is possible to build a combustion engine with all computer controlled valves.
Lately, it's become cheap and easy to publish audio and video blog entries.
The culture of images has had the better of it lately.
Lately he has attracted more attention as an art collector and museum builder.
He has lately extended his brand into a wider range of sportswear and accessories.
Lately, though, there's been a change in the weather.
But lately the opposite approach-taking a company private-has become popular.
Lately she's been thinking about when she was married, and about two things that are similar.
Lately, though, his supporters have been experiencing a vague sense of disappointment.
They depend on woeful narratives of national decline, of which there is lately no shortage.
Fragments of this story, however, have lately begun to emerge.
Lately, however, his bravado has sounded increasingly misplaced.
Lately, my fiction has often been inspired by real events, either from history or science or the news.
The sun has been surprisingly quiet lately, and until now astronomers couldn't figure out why.
The duck-billed dinosaurs have been giving up their secrets lately.
She hadn't been out of the country, she hadn't eaten any spoiled food, and she hadn't taken any antibiotics lately.
But lately two glaring exceptions to that simple rule have turned up.
Emil tells me it's been cloudy where he is lately, which is too bad.
Lately, though, this increase seems to have reached a limit.
He's been getting a lot of press lately because he's tackling some pretty heavy problems in astrophysics, including relativity.
Disease and starvation floated as explanations, and sharks seem to be devouring more sea otters lately.
Second, there are some amazing developments in biotech labs lately.
Lately, however, the problem appears to have become epidemic.
Lately he's been thinking about whether it is possible to manufacture another universe.
C able television has lately become the domain of critic-approved, semi-highbrow entertainment.
He's taken a lot of hits lately, and a lot of criticism that he hasn't lived up to expectations.
It is only lately that the market in natural pearls has rallied.
You've done the rounds on the sci-fi convention circuit lately.
Lately, for example, she'd doubled as an airline stewardess.
Lately, history has been creeping up on the present more than ever.
That's not all it does, doctors have lately been discovering.
Nicole has a long history of troubled behavior, however, and lately her intimates have grown worried.
First, he wanted to apologize if he had seemed a little withdrawn lately.
Lately, that sigh has been mixed with a few snickers.
Lately, though, we've had a taste for a variation: ice cream with a shot of espresso.
Anything but the fussiness of the foodies she's been experiencing lately.
But lately, his feet have been every bit as valuable.
Lately we've been fighting off an infestation of angels.
But lately scientists, using more rigorous tests, have had trouble substantiating some of those benefits.
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