latecomer in a sentence

Example sentences for latecomer

Being a latecomer, the firm opted to sell processor-, radio- and other sorts of chips together with the necessary software.
He bought a house and went to work for a hedge fund-the latecomer playing catch-up, eager for a piece.
The city was a latecomer to the new economy, and it was relatively remote.
But the mystery could now be solved by a latecomer to the field of antimatter research.
However, he was a latecomer to the entropic gravity idea.
If you're a latecomer to his charms, you'll wish your alleged friends had demanded that you start watching a lot sooner.
If you are a latecomer to the party, forget lodgings.
In fact, the healthcare industry is a latecomer and a small market for translator product vendors.
In that case, a defendant was a latecomer to a conspiracy to steal timber.
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