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Example sentences for lashings

Punishment for violators can range from fines to public lashings.
Myriad construction firms are kept alive by lashings of political pork.
On the other hand, the bases' presence brings lashings of central government money to the country's poorest prefecture.
Amputations for theft and public lashings for alcohol possession became common.
Some time during the night two sailor's were sent to check the lashings.
Provide safety lashings that can support a fully loaded hose at all hose connections.
Lashing of deck cargo is permitted if eye pads are used to attach the lashings.
They also employed it to fix shell decorations in place, to secure fibre lashings, and as a fuel.
Some time during the night two sailors were sent to check the lashings.
These are used for lashings, for making hair nets, and for many other purposes.
He painfully and slowly disengaged himself from the lashings and started toward the line.
As soon as the weight came on the fish tackle the mast-head lashings carried away and the pennant and tackle came down by the run.

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What we were after now was the old surprise visit. That was a real kick, good for laughs and lashings of th... more
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