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Example sentences for lashing

It is a race of buffaloes controlled by a whip-lashing farmer.
Not a drop of rain has fallen in months, and the only clouds come from sandstorms lashing across the desert.
But tyrants hardly tremble at her tongue-lashing, or see any consistency in the application of tougher measures.
The sound of wind and rain lashing the trees outside infiltrated the silence.
To defense attorneys, the public lashing of lenders by politicians and consumer advocates is overdue.
They merely see the giant lashing out, often in ways that make an already horrible situation worse.
Having the tape wound on the stick makes it much easier to handle while lashing the parts together.
The pole can be secured by a line truck boom, by ropes or guys, or by lashing a new pole alongside it.
Before abandonment the steering wheel was made immovable by lashing it securely.
Approximately three feet of cotton sash cord and a flat metal hook are provided for lashing the charge to an obstacle.
We still have our jerks, the small people who need to prove themselves by lashing out at people they perceive as different.

Famous quotes containing the word lashing

The infernal storm, eternal in its rage, sweeps and drives the spirits with its blast; it whirls them, lashingmore
How damned ridiculous it all is! The long generations toiling—skimping, lashing themselves screwing highe... more
He took him down below a cramping rafter, And showed him, through a manhole in the floor, The water in desperate straits... more
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