laser printer in a sentence

Example sentences for laser printer

Inside every copier and laser printer is a light-sensitive surface called a photoreceptor.
He pulled this cloth off a box sitting off to the side to reveal a computer and laser printer.
She uses an ordinary laser printer to reproduce the patterns.
The system puts a random pattern of bumps and ridges on the rollers that move paper through an ink-jet or laser printer.
Every time you print out a page on a laser printer you're using toner made from petroleum-based products.
They were quite amazed that they could actually get text on the screen to appear the way it would when printed by a laser printer.
Tape used to secure splices must be compatible with laser printer requirement and must be able to withstand extreme temperatures.
Indicate whether preprinted form will be used on a laser printer.
The marriage license application is designed to print landscape on a laser printer.
Laser printer capable of printing on standard paper.
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