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We charge people's accounts for paper used in the copier, but not on the laser printer.
Laser beams are best known as weapons in science fiction and as heating and cutting tools in science fact.
Semiconductors can generate laser light in all colors except one.
Things are really beginning to heat up in the field of laser weapons.
The word laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.
Laser light is shone onto a holographic medium which causes the beam to diffract, producing an image on a nearby surface.
Most of the laser technology has already been developed for fiber optics.
The choice between laser or cryosurgery depends on the position of the tear.
But a powerful laser could probably burn sensitive optical sensors on a satellite, doing permanent damage.
The rain dance is getting a twenty-first-century revamp using laser technology.
Laser surgery is a medical procedure that uses laser light to remove diseased tissues or treat bleeding blood vessels.
Holographic data-storage works by recording the differences between two beams of laser light.
In a lidar gun, electronics ramp up battery power to high voltage that drives a laser diode.
Next, the researchers took the laser out in the backyard to try it on the sky.
Laser surgery has the advantage of reducing blood loss because the laser can seal blood vessels in the area of the procedure.
For paintings, he employs an ultra-violet laser that produces pulses of light a billionth of a second long.
The diode emits infrared laser pulses every five milliseconds.
Navy is still years away from turning a laser into a weapon for defending its ships.
Laser technology is used for removal of prostate tissue.
The proposal suggested a single laser facility would be enough to remove all junk of this size in three years.
The preferred recording device is known as a laser vibrometer.
Laser light and thermal heat could help improve the accuracy of mammograms.
Or you can shoot off a laser from on board your bird to do the same thing.
Many dermatologists specialize in laser tattoo removal, and some laser hair-removal centers are adding services.
He then sends this to a shop that raster image processes-or rips-it into bits that are painted onto a film with a laser.
The oscillator is a light wave produced by a laser that oscillates at one million billion times per second.
Quantum-cascade laser may detect impending eruptions.
The sharp laser beam further zeros in on a small portion of the brain.
Their latest product is a laser printer cartridge made with soybean oil instead of petroleum.
In the case of lidar, the waves are in the form of an infra-red laser beam.
Laser beams can be used in surgery to make incisions and coagulate blood.
For example, bulging of the mirror surface can defocus a laser beam.
Basically, the laser excites the electrons in the material to a higher energy level.
Scientists have at last persuaded silicon to emit laser beams.
Researchers are using this ultrashort-pulse laser to destroy the protein shell of viruses.
Finally, they shine a laser beam through the mould to the silicon.
Even when they expanded into the original area they would still be carrying the energy imparted by the red laser.
Color laser printers have been commonplace in offices for years now.
The researchers provided the necessary illumination with a laser.
All it requires are a laser pointer, some polarizing film and a few household objects.
Many laser printers use an optical sensor to measure toner levels.
As you point out, it's not terribly important in the age of radar, heat seeking and laser guidance.
He pulled this cloth off a box sitting off to the side to reveal a computer and laser printer.
Laser devices are making detailed images of famous landmarks around the world.
Military researchers are today working on a way to defend soldiers with ultra-quick laser pulses and mid-air plasma bursts.
Real geeks show their commitment with something more permanent: laser engraving.
Laser beams, on the other hand, always travel at the speed of light.
So the military now has an electric laser that's weapons-grade.
The new breed of experimental, low-powered laser weapons may or may not become useful on the battlefield.
Point two laser beams so that they cross each other, and each goes through as if the other one did not exist.
Researchers can manipulate the particles by training laser beams on them.
McCormack solved the problem by having laser surgery to correct her nearsightedness.
After fluorescent dye is injected into the tissue, the scope's laser sends photons to illuminate the neurons.
The concept even works for visible light, provided in this diagram by a horizontal laser.
So, laser interferometry isn't a meaningful way to detect neutrinos.
To do so, they removed a small portion of the cranium and shined a laser light inside.
There are various optical techniques for measuring canopies, including a laser that provides a sample of light reflection.
And other methods are being developed, including several based on laser techniques.
The work is primarily old found books cut with the laser cutter, as well as some laser cut drawings.
And with the flick of a switch the laser can create the effect of the ceil- ing falling in on you.
It was crammed with booty: a pair of oxidized bronze sconces, some antique iron nail pullers, a laser printer.
There is a large mirror ball over the dance floor, and a laser for light effects.
Tells about laser surgery to close off the broken blood vessels.
Yes, he straps on his laser-sighted, hollow-point-bullet-loaded pistol whenever he goes jogging.
You're presumably going to print the letters on a laser printer.
We also ask authors to include labeled laser prints of each image.
It has a laser tag arena and arcade, too, but it also has a mini bowling alley.
The logo is laser-engraved so it won't fade or rub-off.
They are called dark fibers until they go to work, transmitting pulses of laser-generated light.
One study used laser altimetry to create a topographical map of the planet's north polar region.
They might have been small, but their tentacles moved with the speed of a laser.
He sped to third base, then rounded it, only to be caught off the bag by a laser from the outfield.
His vision is fading, and he is talking about getting contacts or having laser surgery on his eyes.
Many people tend to think of breakthroughs in medicine as a new drug, laser, or high-tech surgical procedure.
There are also questions about how green print-on-demand really is, especially if it uses the energy-intensive laser process.
Now, the brothers are developing innovative laser vision systems that steer cars.
The company helped the college design courses in laser and robotics training.
Last year he claimed to have shot a coyote with a laser-sighted pistol while jogging.
Instead of emitting a continuous beam, a pulsed laser concentrates its energy into brief bursts.
He notes that if the red laser light used is made redder and the blue laser light made bluer, the gamut increases.
The team sends a laser beam through a vacuum that sits in the centre of a powerful magnet.
They laser-drill holes into tiny ceramic wafers to guide the flow of fluids.
Once the rods were in place, the team fired a burst of laser light in the general location of the tumour.
When laser light is bounced off the fibre, the reflected light is modulated in accordance with the electrical signals.
But current checking methods, generally involving laser scanning, are expensive and require lengthy set-up.
Researchers have developed a laser smaller than a red blood cell that can be tuned to emit different colors.
When you think of a laser, you probably imagine a continuous beam of light.
Rather than emitting light, a time-reversed laser absorbs it.
Successfully removing one involves thousands of dollars in laser surgery, often with multiple procedures.
Laser-based techniques are one of the newer methods for detecting tooth decay.
The subject breathes into a tube that contains a laser, a system of mirrors, and a photodetector.
They found that hitting the beams with a laser not only cooled them effectively, but also generated x-rays.
She uses an ordinary laser printer to reproduce the patterns.
The device uses a silicon substrate containing channels that guide laser light.
At this point a laser can be used to de-oxidize the magnesium.
Until it zaps you with a laser, and shoots you with pepper spray bullet.
In this method, a laser vaporizes the altered cervical tissue.
Having a fancy scoreboard is one thing, putting laser beams at home plate is another.
The key piece was a laser capable of packing a tremendous amount of energy into a small space.
Its raw material is a liquid polymer that hardens when a laser shines on it.
Using laser technology, scientists build a low-cost solar concentrator.
Nonetheless, even an engineer who doesn't know much about light should recognize this as some type of common laser rod.
The researchers then encoded the state they wanted to teleport into the light beam with laser pulses.
To unearth the bacteria's inner workings, the researchers zapped the connective proteins with multiple ultrafast laser pulses.
Still, popping in a pair of contacts for the sake of clearer vision is less daunting than laser surgery.
They give a more practical, operational answer: for them a real straight line is defined by a laser beam.
Stars are coherent point-sources, so their light produces several phenomena seen with laser illumination.
Then comes the real fun: shooting a laser though the resulting mist to see how convection works.
The mad scientist stands over me with a laser pointed at my face.
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