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Example sentences for largesse

Frugal clients might wonder if such largesse translates into marginally higher billing rates.
Knight's largesse fits with the university's mission.
The fig-leaf covering this largesse is the idea that ethanol is a clean fuel.
And perhaps it's even more perplexing that the recipient of all this largesse somehow managed to piddle it all away.
Take away the federal largesse and they will leave the business of higher ed.
In a crowded country, where scarce fertile land is valued as gold, such largesse represented undreamt-of empowerment for the poor.
They appear, from other reports, to be subsisting on corporate welfare as well as the largesse of the rest of us.
Royal largesse was matched by countless widows' mites.
Yet when it comes to money, even the nation's scientific luminaries are inextricably tethered to public and private largesse.
But the government cannot carry on handing out such largesse for ever.
The fund was a major recipient of his philanthropic largesse in the last decade.
The government says that this largesse cannot continue.
High oil prices give petro-economies the wherewithal to counter discontent by dispensing largesse.
But progress under his rule has relied heavily on western donors' largesse.
There is also the question of whether local health systems can handle the largesse being showered on them.
Looking back, however, what stands out is their largesse.
But, as the fund has found, largesse comes in many forms.
As it is, the industry's fortunes rise and fall with the level of official largesse.
Their power-hungry largesse is left to stream wastefully out onto the pavement.
We want the largesse of government, but are reluctant to pay for it.
Accordingly, this oligarch of all oligarchs began to ladle out largesse to the starving political parties.
Other donors usually insist that their largesse be spent on health or education.
King has a stately facade and the feeling of wealth is in the air, it is difficult to imagine anyone needing such largesse.
Those employees do not depend on significant largesse to plump up their basic incomes.
Usually, news of such largesse would be cause for celebration.
Whether the bureaucrats can channel the public largesse efficiently is an open question.
They were fascinated by his big-city ways, his largesse and flattered by his romantic small talk.
Of course they are also fans of the largesse of a big welfare state.
Some parents may also think it wrong to shower children with too much largesse and prefer to help other ways.
Hence the unprecedented largesse of the bank bail-out.
They are structured for times of public largesse, growth economies and privilege.
Without loads of government largesse, they can't be bothered.
He remained throughout his life a grateful beneficiary of the welfare state and of its educational largesse.
They got rich on the largesse of cheap credit and lax oversight.
Writing dividend checks is one way to spend the largesse.
But because of the presumed largesse of future taxpayers, governments seem under much less pressure to reduce their pension costs.
In the short term public largesse is a necessary response to the slump in private demand.
They want to believe he can win over the rest of the country using government largesse.
For now, the prime minister can afford all this largesse.
Yet, it is impossible to limit this largesse when faced with a growing number of elderly people within our society.
Despite its oil largesse, the east appears to be almost devoid of infrastructure aside from its oil industry.
The government will struggle to maintain the largesse to which the public has grown accustomed.
For those who remembered him for the horrors of the industries he owned, there were others who remembered him for his largesse.
The standard setter should be free from undue funding pressures, and not dependent on political or corporate largesse.
It is well run and profitable, and does not depend on government largesse.
Without such a basis, an allowance would amount to unguided largesse.
Without such a basis, any allowance would amount to unguided largesse.
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