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Example sentences for largess

He survives only on the largess of his corporate sponsors.
Computer science has traditionally been richly funded by government largess.
Whatever the case, a number of colleges will benefit from the governor's largess.
Fed also by government largess and indulgence to mega companies.
Joffrey officials said they took the money because they need it and few others offer such largess.
Unless you are one of those who benefit from the largess of that dominant party, then you are utterly disenfranchised.
If there must be more highways, let them be private and paid for by users, not with federal largess.
One way to insulate yourself from dubious largess is to accept only small tokens of esteem, not decision-clouding munificence.
Get the taxpayer off the hook for public sector retirement plan largess.
Even many companies that are geographically removed from the disaster are responding with remarkable largess.
Of course large corporations that indulge in tax evasion and who receive federal largess are hardly worth pursuing.
Whether such largess is found in fashion designers, let alone those who qualify as couturiers, is open to debate.
Sadly much of science is funded by politically inspired largess.
Recipients of their largess became more generous in turn, and so on down the chain.
Dignity means not being dependent on largess for those things.
Protecting and managing that largess can be quite stressful.
For the weaker economies on the receiving end of its largess, that may not be a problem.
We are grateful recipients of his largess and his vision.
And the overall impact of federal largess is felt far beyond official payrolls.
In practice, presidential disaster declarations can be overt acts of political largess or electioneering.
But which agency will benefit from the largess remains an open question.

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A largess universal, like the sun, His liberal eye doth give to everyone, Thawing cold fear.... more
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