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Online tools can help with teaching while allowing student to engage with one another and with larger academic communities.
Two years ago, the accommodations were slightly better, in a larger building with a language lab.
The conclusion should generalize from the specific findings of the study to the larger issues the study engages.
But it is likely that a larger number of people will agree with my seemingly extreme view.
To prepare, she decided it would be a good idea to try a provost job at a larger campus.
Now all the flaws in my research design seem much larger and more important.
Publishing practices drove up costs for an even larger group of students.
It may simply indicate that the earlier efforts are part of the larger project the researcher is working through.
Brush over with cold water the larger pieces near the edge, and fit on rings, pressing lightly.
Either of his larger performances, will give a fair specimen of his general manner and merits.
Napoleon looms larger to the imagination, but on the affection he has no hold.
Besides the gambling in cards there was gambling on a larger scale in city lots.
He wrought feathers together, beginning with the smallest and adding larger, so as to form an increasing surface.
The larger the plant's root system the deeper and wider the container should be.
Simple techniques make a city garden look and feel larger.
They're larger and meatier than the traditional blue mussel.
It's easy to recognize larger pests, such as deer and rabbits--but it's not so simple with the smaller ones.
The goal was to turn the area into a larger, more useful space for gathering and entertaining.
These could also be joined by other methods or made from larger pieces of wood.
Rotary mowers and weed eaters are other good choices for weed control in larger areas.
Outdoors, their nests often grow larger when temperatures are mild--a nuisance for the gardener.
For larger lawns, you may prefer to rent a dethatching machine.
They bloom more and produce more plentiful and larger leaves.
But you could make the screen larger or smaller, depending on your situation, and the frame could be wood instead of steel.
Gently heating milk for cheese, in a pot immersed in a larger pot of hot water, gave us the idea.
Keep watering them regularly if you want to grow them larger.
If you plan to install a larger automated system, it is best to do so before a seasonal planting.
To see a larger zone map, click the link under image.
Using a mix of small-to-larger and delicate-to-crunchy greens makes this salad lively.
To produce fewer, larger flowers next spring, cut back some of the stems to the base of the plant.
By spring, you'll have well-rooted plants ready to transplant into larger pots or set out in the garden.
For larger lawns, however, battery-operated or gas-powered edgers are more efficient.
The space looks larger than it did in its former life.
Some smaller hedge funds will close or sell themselves to larger ones.
Some may seek to share back-office costs with larger funds in return for a cut of their profits.
Along this arc, the value of alpha changes smoothly, being smaller in one direction and larger in the other.
Museums, literary festivals and live opera transmissions into cinemas are all reporting larger audiences.
But some larger emerging markets fared rather poorly.
And the smaller that pool becomes, the larger the loss that each investor will have to accept.
Larger batches can double as an effective cleaning agent.
Larger financial firms also benefit from an implicit government guarantee that they will be bailed out if they get into trouble.
The faster the money went round, the larger the financial sector loomed in the rich countries' economies.
Bigger image sensors are better because they allow the pixels embedded in their surface to be larger.
In fact, a fixed-rate system such as the euro zone brings about even larger excessive capital flows.
The larger the portfolio, the more capital is freed up.
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On her screen, the larger of two whooping cranes flaunts his outstretched wings, showing that he's ready to breed.
From it, a larger, clay version was made and will be cast in bronze.
The whole is about the size of an attaché case-barely larger than the first generation of laptop computers in our own day.
But in a larger sense, he's been putting it together his entire life.
While the study produced clear results for the larger dinosaurs the results for the smaller dinosaurs were ambiguous.
By comparing data from each plot before and after it was isolated, scientists have found that the larger the fragment, the better.
After a larger-than-expected response, the painting was pulled.
Astronomers say it probably wasn't deadly because the comet was larger than they thought.
Ground squirrels wave their tails to appear larger to, and thus intimidate, hungry snakes.
The more developed the trait, the larger the organ, and the larger a protrusion it formed in the skull.
Size would be the obvious answer, and research until now has shown that larger cats tend to have lower pitched calls.
Their mouths are larger than the heads of the people who were standing next to them on the dock.
The museum is currently housed in an old movie theater, but has so much material it plans to expand into a larger space.
That's why larger fish are generally riskier to eat than smaller ones.
Not in its final orbit yet, the moon is seen much larger in the sky than than today's moon.
The price may go down considerably if it can make the product on a larger scale.
Of course, this increased computing horsepower will also require larger amounts of electricity.
Thus, the population of finches in the next generation will tend to have larger beaks than finches in their parent's generation.
Faster films require shorter exposures to catch the same detail, but they have a larger grain size and so give poorer resolution.
On a larger scale, food webs and ecosystems can be represented as networks of species.
Both characteristics suggest an extraterrestrial origin, because biological sugars tend to be larger and of particular shapes.
Nevertheless, the current discharged into their smaller bodies is much larger proportionally.
Conventional wisdom presumes that the larger the brain, the more intelligent the animal must be.
They found that when served larger portions, diners with small forks ate significantly more than those with larger forks.
Dinner shows, character meals and some table-service restaurants can arrange tables together to accommodate larger groups.
Eventually the smaller of the two vortices would get caught in the circulation of the larger one and be gobbled up.
Transfer the custard to a metal bowl set in a larger bowl of ice and cold water and stir it until it is cold.
Cut the meat into medium pieces about half an inch long and remove the larger bones.
Transfer mixture to a metal bowl set in a larger bowl of ice and cold water.
It was from cuttlefish-the squid's larger, thick-fleshed cousin.
To cool custard quickly after straining, set bowl in a larger bowl of ice and cold water and stir until chilled.
The ice cream sauces are in the delicacy stores in larger cities across the country.
Facing larger demand for original pieces, artists don't always paint the work they sign.
During his manic spells, he was overtaken by surges of larger-than-life emotion that ended up reflected in his poetry.
It's more and more difficult to make larger generalities meaningful.
Price changes induced by tax changes are more persistent than other price changes and thus may induce larger behavioral changes.
It would value more deposits, so it will charge the lower income individual a larger checking account service fee.
They try to tell only part of a larger, complicated story.
There seems always to be a larger crowd at the island end of a ferry run than at its mainland end.
Many of these city-regions may well be in the midst of housing bubbles today, but that shouldn't distract us from a larger truth.
If people continue to retire at the same age but live longer, then a larger percentage of their lives will be spent in retirement.
And as the layers get thinner, tiny flaws can be magnified even more than in larger transistors made from thicker layers.
The pistons can operate at a larger range-and because air can be compressed more, the system can store more energy.
Making the turbines larger, however, comes with technical challenges.
Furthermore, when larger amounts of dye are used in the other materials, they start to aggregate.
Preliminary studies have shown that the device can stop seizures in some patients, and larger-scale studies are now under way.
Anything larger, on the other hand, is sufficiently squeezed t form a sphere.
Increasing the pore size of the zeolites would allow a larger fraction of crude oil to be converted into useful products.
The space is far larger and taller than you could have imagined.
But let's focus instead on larger, more substantive issues.
Most economists see the stock market crash itself as more a symptom of the larger crisis than a cause.
But this will still not be immortality, and perfecting the human body is a phase in a much larger transformation.
The room had three solid walls, with the fourth wall consisting of metal bars separating it from a larger room.
The book is an all too rare example of good, even dense, scholarship finding a way to engage the larger public.
For them, pictures were neither financial investments nor elements in a larger conversation with their culture.
And of course there are larger questions crowding the surface of these troubled waters.
He then writes as if changing the time period had no bearing on his larger argument.
Describes the role tugboats play in towing barges and guiding larger ships into ports.
But our best strategy is to look for ideas that work on a small scale and try to figure out how to make them work on a larger one.
There is another, larger wound on his left leg, covered in blood.
Kate, who is thirty, has larger eyes and a rounder face.
Shacks don't have kitchens and bathrooms, and a cottage is larger than a tiny house.
As always, the city's more intimate concerts provide a diverting complement to larger fare.
Anecdotes fly off the wheels of his larger narratives.
Except in the case of a few highfliers and a somewhat larger number of inveterate slackers, college is a stressful experience.
The move was aimed at the contractors who supply workers for larger companies, and may herald a new enforcement era.
If larger, the images show the corrugations of the film.
Holdings are getting smaller, divided and subdivided as families grow larger.
Don't sweat the small stuff, and focus on larger goals.
Some would be larger than life but true, others larger than life but not-so.
When there is a range of servings, the larger number is used.
A-Jumbo mortgages, as the name implies, are larger than normal and are used to finance today's more expensive homes.
Click on the image above to see a larger version of the cover.
The larger system is the biosphere, and the subsystem is the economy.
It's going to be a major problem when one of the larger countries faces a problem.
But maybe in a larger context he didn't understand the goal of the mission.
Holden's words are largely the same, but in the novel his selfishness has evaporated and he seems to be speaking a larger truth.
In a larger sense, it's less about gender than about power, control.
All during this period, animal rights were becoming a larger and larger part of her life.
Because the extent of government is larger, privatization has more scope.
But from time to time an exceptional larger specimen crops up.
Only, the shareholders didn't seem to mind as long as the stock went up and the stakes grew larger and larger.

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