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The dangers to a continuation of this peace to-day are largely the fear and suspicion which still haunt the world.
Children, who had always figured largely in the felony of the age, made a profession of feigning the symptoms of the bewitched.
Intermingled with this scientific prejudice and largely anticipating it was another, a more human one.
But the rough wall of wax has in every case to be finished off, by being largely gnawed away on both sides.
Some time prior to the period at which this little history begins, my avocations had been largely increased.
All this segregation by color is largely independent of that natural clustering by social grades common to all communities.
He was largely self-taught, far from home, trying to learn the surveyor's trade.
The characters are unorthodox, even ambiguous, and largely hidden.
Most examples on mummies are largely dotted patterns of lines and diamond patterns.
Although its early chapters were shaped by terrors, his was largely a happy story.
But it was thought that the brain was largely resistant to autophagy under these conditions.
He was a benevolent if remote presence, largely preoccupied with managing a successful dress manufacturing company.
To be sure, the environmental risks remain largely unknown.
What they actually did has been largely the subject of inference.
Its largely unadorned forecourt is surfaced in gravel.
The foundations of modern astronomy were laid largely by amateurs.
The response of the state government, which is in charge of security, was largely ineffective.
Employers often complain that universities are churning out graduates who are largely unemployable.
The stuff that people used to watch or listen to largely because there was little else on is increasingly being ignored.
Although the run-off itself was largely peaceful, the result quickly stirred unrest in the loser's camp.
On vital issues such as education and e-government, reform largely stalled.
So far these revolts have appeared to be largely secular in character.
Instead, it largely reflects rapid productivity growth.
The budget package, by contrast, is largely her handiwork.
For more than a century shale gas has gone largely unexploited because of the high cost of recovering it.
The details of how these actions are controlled, however, have remained largely mysterious.
What is taught is largely immaterial to what is needed.
These problems can be largely overcome by using an advanced quantum version of gravity.
Proteins do much of the chemical work inside cells, so they largely determine what those traits are.
Although using facial expressions to convey emotions may be largely instinctive, there is also a learned component.
Their venture appears to have largely cornered the current market.
So there's a good chance your scalp and the back of your head go largely unexamined.
To say that the field of cognitive psychology has largely held this view historically is misleading and inaccurate.
It's a part of the region's history that's largely forgotten.
If climate change is largely caused by human actions, this will really help.
Productivity jumped after the recession, largely because companies boosted output without hiring much.
They are quieter than their predecessors, largely due to their enormous size and improvements in quieting techniques.
But discoveries of huge petroleum deposits kept gasoline and diesel cheap for decades, and biofuels were largely forgotten.
They are composed largely of gas and plasma, a superheated state of matter composed of subatomic particles.
Despite people's fascination with this deep-sea behemoth, the giant squid's life and habits have remained largely a mystery.
Yet for more than six decades the riches from its rulers' tombs have remained largely unknown.
Logging, development, and agricultural conversion have largely eliminated the ecosystem from the region.
And though largely gray today, patches of paint hint at once brightly colored clothes.
But the purpose of speckling has remained largely unconfirmed.
But the new study suggests this has been achieved by concentrating on largely uninhabited ecosystems of low economic value.
Polyandry is largely confined to fish and birds, especially waders and shorebirds.
His characterization lasted, largely unchanged, for more than a century.
When truck traffic largely supplanted train traffic, several decades ago, the trucks came roaring through too.
His entry in the exhibit consisted largely of collages of photographs and magazine illustrations, rather than drawings.
But their ordeal has gone unmarked because its detail was largely ignored by history in the first place.
In an effort to maintain cohesion, the group largely shelved internal reform.
Keeping societies stable will depend largely on tribes, and the deals they are able to cut with one another.
The vast output of regulations and reports by public bodies remains largely inaccessible to the citizens it affects.
In reality, however, economic activity is largely concerned with the relief of unhappiness.
The reasons for the move were largely personal, he says.
Evolutionary biology's view of intergenerational conflict has major implications for family dynamics but has largely been ignored.
Transfer students were largely left out of the equation.
Moreover, some internal scandals are often largely hidden from students and sometimes even trustees.
Yet these disciplines are fractionated and operate largely independently.
The academic library died alone, largely neglected and forgotten by a world that once revered it as the heart of the university.
We've largely trained ourselves to ignore these rumors, because nothing ever seems to materialize.
The flight is largely a test of navigation systems and the pilots and engineers are expected to simulate a wide range of failures.
The prosecution treads on a gray area largely avoided by federal law enforcement until now.
In fact, bookstore employees were largely unaware of the significance of today's date.
But he gradually concluded that government is largely useless-and positively destructive when it tries to do good.
The top machine-gunners opened up in response-though at fighters who were largely invisible.
Radio communications in cruise are largely routine, the necessary exchange had occurred, and pilots don't tend to get excited.
Al-Shaykh writes in the prologue that this book is largely an attempt to come to terms with that decision.
At that time of year, the mountain was full of tourists and friends, but in the summer it was largely depopulated.
The forest canopies of the redwood are largely a mystery and are being logged off rapidly.
The kids were selected largely on the basis of their ability to carry out instructions.
Two big, macabre, largely forgotten news stories came lurching out of oblivion together this week.
It was a deeply unfortunate-and largely misleading-choice of words.
The trouble is that it turns out largely to be a fiction, based more on anecdotal observation than empirical evidence.
And while a reactor core is isolated by thick layers of steel and concrete, a spent-fuel pool is largely unshielded.
How researchers chart the largely unexplored world of proteins.
The behaviour and function of proteins is largely determined by their shape.
Battery manufacturing is largely automated, so labor costs aren't much of a concern, he says.
The question of whether a certain technique is a search or frisk under the law largely turns on the subject's privacy expectation.
Each of these plug-in hybrids operates differently when the battery is charged versus when it is largely depleted.
Since everything else in the image has largely been set, much of the data involved in the rendering process is redundant.
These days, medicine largely controls her mood swings.
Instead, my story was largely a retelling of outsiders' discovery of the rootkit and how consumers reacted to the news.
Who you find attractive, say psychobiologists, is largely dictated by evolutionary needs and hardwired into your brain.
For now, the benefits of a plug-in and all-electric vehicle fleet reside largely in the realm of theory.
Previous studies have largely failed to control for social factors when these mechanisms were targeted.
Even for those who do understand the makeup of the garbage patch, its effect on the marine ecosystem is as yet largely unknown.
Despite the millions of dollars devoted to research and outreach, malaria has largely evaded our best efforts at eradication.
There are about a billion people, largely in the developing world, who are dependent totally on rain-fed agriculture.
The early studies had worked largely because the test mice were, by experimental design, leptin-deficient.
Finally she presents it as if scientists are apparently largely responsible for a conflict culture.
Despite being central to our understanding of how the brain functions, these neural chats remain largely a mystery to scientists.
The project was largely done in by major problems with electricity transmission.
The floors above the crash site were largely vacant, so there was little combustible material to fuel the fire.
The predictably bombastic response from the largely left-leaning geologist profession is really getting old.
Yet despite its broad use and applications, evolutionary computation is unfolding largely under the public's radar.
Success and failure--evolution and extinction--are controlled largely by ecological role.
The concerns of some of these groups are largely about the ways they will live.
We are rid of typhoid and cholera in this country largely because of modern plumbing.
He had had a difficult childhood and was largely raised by his grandparents.
To receive such payment, group practices would have to reimburse their physicians largely by salary.
Referendums have a different function than normal elections, especially when the elections are largely waged on other issues.
Being largely without flavor it can be diluted to taste.
In a way that's largely unsung, they aided our transformation to a mobile culture.
Their mission: to survey the animals in a mysterious area of moist, dense forest largely unexplored by scientists.
Without further evidence, the charge stands largely as rumor.
Her parents were bitterly opposed to the romance because of his marital status, and the couple had lived largely apart.
He's able to do this largely because his teddy-bear sensitivity defies every stereotype of his profession.

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