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Small to large tree with broad, rounded crown of spreading or drooping branches and the largest leaves of all maples.
Taller asters are invaluable for abundant color in large borders or among shrubs.
But it's all there-the tiny arms, the huge head, the large teeth and muscular jaw.
Large bowel resection is surgery to remove all or part of your large bowel.
One after another, top executives who defected from large companies to join start-ups have either returned to the fold or retired.
We've had a large earthquake, but the chances of having another one are pretty small.
It is difficult for a bird to applaud-no matter how large it is.
For a striking centerpiece to accompany the decor, fill a large pumpkin with flowers and foliage to brighten a party table.
Of all mankind's impacts on nature, perhaps none is more pervasive than the systematic elimination of large animals.
If large families are the stuff of spectacle, it is partly because they have become rarer.
One large button to push to advance to the next page.
Elicit from students that the large size and sharp, pointed shape of a lion's teeth are used to shred and tear the meat they eat.
Features such as airports, roads and even some large buildings are clearly visible.
Attractive when planted in large sweeps in areas where lawns don't succeed, such as under trees.
Three different sizes of small theropods, spanning from the size of a chicken to large crane, left the markings.
The next step is to sort out what these genes do and which are responsible for large size and rapid growth.
Plesiosaurs were marine reptiles that typically had small heads, long necks, and large flippers.
Large buildings would also be required to upgrade their lighting systems.
In late summer and fall, inch-wide red fruits appear, resembling large raspberries hanging below branches.
Apple also said it made a mistake by making the location database file too large.
For one thing, the surge in investment in oil futures is not that large relative to the global trade in oil.
These holes can be so large that they weaken smaller trees or even cause them to break in half.
The smart thing to do would be to create a large hole in the ground located at our best guess for the center of the caldera.
Large clusters of bright yellow flowers appear from late spring to early winter.
We knew he had an insanely large collection of computers and related paraphernalia.
Large swathes of national production would come to a standstill and exports would be emphatically weakened.
Go underground and meet this salamander that's both large and common, yet so secretive it's rarely seen.
In and of itself, the table presents the story of contemporary postal operations in a large city.
Center the large pot atop the steel mesh and slide it down the tubing until it sits firmly on the mesh.
Without it, physicists would have a large gap in their knowledge of the universe, he added.
Northern right whales, hunted to near extinction, are the rarest of all large whales.
They are large enough to trip the sensor on my flood lights.
During spells of heavy rain and strong winds, large trees may even topple.
For such large animals, whale sharks have been surprisingly difficult to study.
If you're digging a large bed, consider using a power-driven rototiller.
These all against us, and the job on our hands is too large for us.
It had been printed on several sheets, the author noted, suggesting that it was unusually large.
Perhaps the best known of these tasks is factoring a large number that is the product of two primes.
Its telecoms market is the fastest-growing of any large economy.
To maintain healthy levels of genetic diversity, animal populations need to remain sufficiently large.
At this point, though, he introduces quite a large kludge of his own.
Forest-inspired style is one of the season's hottest trends for objects large and small.
During the information revolution, it became possible for those with an engineering mentality to control large amounts of capital.
In terms of peer review, it depends on how large the editorial board is.
Tigers live alone and aggressively scent-mark large territories to keep their rivals away.
In the pumpkin's back, use a craft knife to cut a hole large enough to slip in the tap light.
Evidence of reproduction by internal fertilization has been discovered in a large group of ancient jawed fish.
Small-flowered types often have small leaves, while big-flowered sorts have large leaves.
Now she bans laptops in her large lecture courses and has a clause in her syllabus about the inappropriate use of technology.
Small fish consume the microbes, large fish consume the small fish, and eventually the toxin lands in kitchens.
Forty years ago, instantaneous global communication was possible but costly, and restricted to governments and large corporations.
Cut a hole in each of the slices of bread, about the size of a large coin.
The new regulations, if they take effect, will drastically alter a large market whose policies vary widely in their benefits.
Put potatoes on a large rimmed baking sheet and squeeze contents of bag over them.
Mix gravel with rocks of varying sizes to add interest in large areas.
Large semidouble flowers of rose pink shading to rose red at petal edges.
Mature plants bear large clusters of tiny flowers among the leaves.
In a large bowl, using your hands, gently combine the meat loaf ingredients.
They travel large distances together in search of food.
The ground rumbles as if a large truck is driving by, and you sleep undisturbed.
The chairs' square shapes and large scale contrast with the garden's fine foliage.
We filled the saucepan about one third full of water and placed the large bowl on top.
And, be on the lookout for a large selection of home and garden goods that have appeared in the magazine.
Well-fed plants grow fast and large, shading out weeds and usually staying disease-free.
There is only one appliance, a high-quality grill large enough to handle several cooking tasks at once.
Once the tree is in place the main job is watering, even with a large reservoir.
The large bowel is also called the large intestine or colon.
But everyone was surprised when a large lake began to disappear into a long fissure created by one of last summer's earthquakes.
According to researchers, one reason silk is so difficult to make if you're not a spider is because the proteins are so large.
These protein-packed waters invite large concentrations of manta rays to an all-you-can-eat buffet.
Instead of swooping through the sky searching for insects, this bird catches a ride aboard large animals from antelope to zebras.
The surplus was so large mainly because imports were surprisingly weak.
In addition, large supermarkets are bound to provide jobs and maintain a large volume of purchases from local producers of goods.
Large ones, which can detect weak signals, have a narrow focus.
Over the past decade or two, managing a large corporation has changed out of all recognition.
Many large companies can once again raise money with ease in capital markets.
The storage and processing that currently resides in our desktops and laptops is moving to large data centers.
The newer farms tend to be large and export-oriented.
The euro zone could shatter into different pieces, or a large block in the north and a fragmented south.
Yet government-bond yields have remained stubbornly low and living standards, by and large, are high.
Loan losses are high, but the spreads are so large that with any semblance of credit discipline there should be room for profits.
Even some of the airlines that posted large losses on derivatives tied to the oil price are buying more of them.
Now, whenever large ships get lost at sea and never return, many are quick to speculate they were victims of rogue waves.
When you handle such a large smartphone, you can't help but wonder if anyone actually needs something this size.
The universe might be both too large and too small to fully comprehend.
Large scale insulation is not cheap when you are seeking to practically eliminate heat loss.
However if a large number of musical fragments are introduced it becomes impossible to repair the piece.
Ants engage in large-scale battles that in many ways call to mind human warfare.
Study paves way for large-scale engineering of complex cells.
The wedge-tail triggerfish protects itself with two sharp dorsal spines: a large, thick one and a shorter spine behind it.
Additionally, a large part of the current dissipates into the water through the skin.
The condition is easily prevented by avoiding rapid swallowing of large mouthfuls of ice cream or ice cold drinks.
But you need large-scale application of this technology to make it profitable.
Forests pull in large amounts of water vapor from surrounding regions and from nearby bodies of water.
She began moving a ball of dough back and forth between her hands, until she'd formed a large pancake.
Whether any reserve in the world is actually large enough is not now known.
We are looking for a progressive place to move to, with a large artistic community.
The bird's obscurity is due in large part to the remoteness of its habitat.
Thank you for your diligence for the preservation of one of the last large feline species.
One entry in church records reports a large investment in vases, stoppers and pestles.
Moviemaking has been the almost exclusive dominion of large organizations usually driven more by profit than by stories.
Large-scale growers can keep it from devastating their harvests only by spraying fungicides from airplanes.
My work experience includes two large public universities, two small private colleges, and one community college.
Also, the differences across groups are sure to be small when compared with the large variations found within every group.
Responsible for developing and sustaining relationships within the college and the community at large.
The problem with my area is the concentration of highly educated professionals and the large military-industrial complex.
For large universities in particular, the stakes are pretty high.
The overly large apple was pretty much a disappointment.
In large part, the problem is that graduate students pursuing their doctorates get little or no training in how students learn.
Most academic libraries pride themselves on having built large collections of books and periodicals.
So if they're receiving aid in excess of their costs, a large portion of that is in the form of loans.
On our lower gun-deck two large pieces had burst at the first fire, killing all around and blowing up overhead.
The lowest is of large size, and transmits the femoral vessels to the popliteal fossa.
The two nuclei are continuous and are merely portions of one large nucleus.
Insert twelve large lardoons in a four-pound piece of beef cut from the round.
Make incisions for lardoons by running through the meat a large skewer.
But a large responsibility rests directly upon our citizens.
These companies have large networks of pipelines used to transfer energy.
And if you're looking for good long-term returns, make sure the fund invests in large or midsize companies.
Until recently, large amounts of electricity could not be efficiently stored.
Large-cast dramas are all the rage, and there are reasons for it.
Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil over high heat.
The termite's stomach, of all things, has become the focus of large-scale scientific investigations.
Usually the tranquilizer guns and large nets work well.
The next day, fill a large wok with water and bring it to a boil.
Many cities, despite their large populations, barely register.
Serious large-scale farmers are giving organic methods a try, with startling success.
But by and large, they do make housing less affordable.
The ability to see hazy outlines of large buildings will be replaced with the ability to see the clear shapes of small cars.
The problem would not loom so large if non-paternity were rare.
Large forested areas often need to be cleared in order to reach these supplies.
For some on the pier, looking up to see this large yacht bearing down on them, it was a heart-stopping moment.
Place bun on a piece of wax paper on a large baking sheet and cover loosely with plastic wrap.
Strain broth through a fine-mesh sieve into a large pot, discarding solids.
Beat butter in a large bowl with an electric mixer until creamy.
Into a large bowl sift together flour, baking soda, and spices.
Remove and discard chicken, then pour broth through a fine-mesh sieve into a large bowl.
Pour mixture through a fine sieve into a large bowl, gently pressing on solids, and discard solids.
Whisk together mascarpone and chocolate hazelnut mixture in a large bowl.
Brush a large shallow baking pan with oil and arrange eggplant, cut sides up, in pan.
Sift together flour and salt into a chilled large metal bowl.
Keeping skin intact and pieces of chicken whole or in large pieces, carefully remove bones from meat, discarding bones.
Whisk together arrowroot and sugar in a large bowl, then whisk in hot milk mixture.
Good looks also play a large part in two other new bento books.
Large investment could jump-start concentrated photovoltaic deployments.
The large facility is meant to reflect a change of direction for the bankrupt company.
It could, for example, move large payloads and precisely position scientific experiments.
The continuing economic recession has abruptly halted a number of large solar and biofuels projects.
The spray-coating method works well over large areas.
But uploading large amounts of data to cloud computing systems has remained costly and time-consuming.
Indeed, the breakthrough could be used with any large system of data that needs to be accessed or processed.
The group built a statistical model based on several large data sets.
In many networks, a small number of nodes are well connected to large number of others.
It's possible to print large, flexible arrays of cheap, plastic transistors to drive displays.
The gearbox manages the rotation of a second shaft that connects to a large electrical generator.
If you know the weight of a mammal's body, you can make a fairly good guess about how large its brain will be.
When the large dire wolves died out, the gray wolf split into two groups.
The lecture was given in a large auditorium, with a raised lectern separated by some stairs from the seats.
Stocks can have large fluctuations, too, because of great uncertainty.
Double rings are only seen in large impact events, so that must have something to do with it.
The manufacturer, on the other hand, may want to turn out a product in large batches.
But this would have given the government effective control of a large part of the banking system.
Anna lives in a large empty house, venturing out in the spring to paint exquisitely detailed forest scenes.
Academic studies don't loom large on their mental maps of the university.
They endure the daily humiliations-large and small-that come with occupation.
They were taken at night by midsummer light, with a large-format camera and exposures of up to several minutes.
Over the years they nurtured it into three large outlets, on the square, with tens of thousands of volumes.
Sue would sit at one end of the seating area, two large facing sofas flanking her and a chair at the other end.
It is said that even at that hour the crowds are large.
He's seated in a high chair, dressed in a white suit and a large blue bib.
The many portraits of his children show him as he was: a devoted father, the proud head of a large and beautiful family.
Because it was a large part of me, or my life, that was gone.
We were directed to a large, desolate room filled with metal folding chairs and card tables stacked against the walls.
The large trader positions reported by clearing members are compared to clearing-member data reported by the exchanges.
Place all ingredients in a large bowl and mix thoroughly.
Meanwhile, heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat.
Spread the mixture in an even layer on a large rimmed baking sheet.
Even a large rug under the dining table will help pull the room in.

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