larder in a sentence

Example sentences for larder

But in land so rich in game, they could quickly restore their larder.
She had a larder on the north side of the house with a wire grid to let cool air in from the shade.
Original crofter's cottage overlooking sea uses island as organic larder for world-famous cuisine.
But animals roused from hibernation by warmer temperatures in late winter or early spring may find nature's larder bare.
It was a giant key, and it unlocked the larder, where the food was stored.
Unfortunately, those fatty acids may be running low in the global larder.
Horses in the corral are larder for the long winter.
Stock up here on smart staples for your wardrobe, writing desk and larder.
The surrounding communities have eaten from the rainforest's rich larder for generations.
Nourished by fishermen, farmers and ranchers in the region, local chefs have an enviable larder with which to work.
The larder is rich and familiar, yielding corn and beans for a succotash, wild rice for a pilaf and pecans for pie.
She fetched a basket of peas and an earthenware bowl from the larder and sat down again.
And there's not an herb in any larder or a seasoning in any cupboard that stacks up against serendipity.
Wrong: each hive had plenty of bees, but their larder was bare.
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