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Pigs carved from lard celebrate in song the benefits of fat.
He was a tub of lard whom you could willingly have pushed over a cliff.
They use of a lot of lard to improve the mouth feel.
And of course it was my bad not to lard even more caveats into the post in the first place.
The restaurant slices it raw, simmers it in lard, and tucks it into a soft sesame bun under a scoop of ricotta.
Work lard into flour, first using knife then tips of fingers.
Put flour in bowl, add lard, and cut it in with knife.
Lard back and hind legs, and season with salt and pepper.
They lard their lean books with the fat of others' works.
The others took up the bow, and warmed it at the fire, and rubbed it with lard to make it more pliable.
The base of the tamales consists of masa mixed with lard or vegetable shortening.
These ingredients, first combined and fried in lard or oil, serve as a flavor base or condiment to many meals.
Be aware that chicken or fish stock might be used in an otherwise veggie soup, and lard might be used in pastries.
The export trade in lard and tallow has made remarkable gains during the past few months.
Continued strength in the cash lard market was the feature of yesterday's wholesale market.
Many fast food restaurant have switched from beef tallow or lard to hydrogenated vegetable oils for frying.
It used to be so simple: shortening, butter and lard were all you needed to make food taste good.
We didn't evolve into tubs of lard in one generation.
The wheel is wrapped in cheesecloth and sealed with melted lard or some sort of oil.
But a new study indicates that the local lard lovers may not have been so wacky after all.
The melted lard and cooked fat are placed in an apparatus called a lard press and a heavy lid put on top.

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They lard their lean books with the fat of others' works.... more
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