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Colleges don't seem to be as worried as they might be about the lapsed coverage.
As the years lapsed the comparison became more acute as my memory became episodic.
Due to local politics, the city has yet to be built, and the permits have lapsed.
Then there's the the photography: tilt-shifted and time-lapsed.
It would amount to rekindling a long-lapsed wish for art that is both of the moment and genuinely public.
Tells how a patient under his care lapsed into a coma, and how he was dismissed.
Music gets short shrift, and the determination to cover the globe seems to have lapsed.
The bones had told him what they could and then lapsed into silence.
Earlier gains were driven by substantial reward programmes and government subsidies, many of which have now lapsed.
Rather it reflects lower rates for borrowers whose fixed-rate deals had expired and lapsed into cheaper variable-rate mortgages.
Lapsed economist, geothermal is now thought to cause earthquakes.
The anti-war movement has all but lapsed into silence.
Who is responsible for all the mistakes that the government has lapsed.
While this was a traditional part of progressive ideology, it's one that's lapsed.
Paralyzed jockey sues guild over lapsed health insurance.
They lapsed around my body, making me the perfect center of a whirlwind cloud.
At first the film seems to be a serious exploration of lapsed faith and cultural alienation.
These fees can be several hundred dollars if you try to cancel your phone and plan before that two years has lapsed.
Lapsed registration fees apply one month after the expiration date.
At this time lapsed licenses cannot be renewed online.
There is no grace period to practice on a lapsed license.
Licenses may be in active, inactive, lapsed or revoked status.
It is illegal to practice nursing while your license is lapsed.
Lapsed professional clear credentials may be reissued effective the date an application is filed.
The information management system includes an index of the names of debtors named on financing statements which have not lapsed.
Click here for additional information on lapsed fees and calculating lapsed fees.
Employees will be notified of specific furloughs due to lapsed appropriations by phone or e-mail.

Famous quotes containing the word lapsed

As imperceptibly as Grief The Summer lapsed away—... more
It is easy to replace man, and it will take no great time, when Nature has lapsed, to replace Nature.... more
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