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They trot up, practically wagging their tails, and lap up her attention.
Blue waters lap around bays shaded by coconut palms.
Flannel sheets are cozy on cold nights, and repurposed flannel sheets make warm lap blankets.
Warren sat down and rested his tablet bag on his lap.
The lap pool is sheltered from the wind by a retaining wall and a hillside in the distance.
Most notebook users have experienced the burn that comes from keeping notebooks on their lap for an extended period of time.
He simply hung his head down, and stared into his lap.
Store equipment on your lap or in a bag with the strap wrapped around your wrist or ankle.
Notebook computers aren't supposed to burn your lap.
As for price, keep in mind what a lap top cost when that technology was new.
From then on accomplishments seemed to drop into her lap.
Plovers skitter along the glistening zone on beaches where the waves lap at the shore, foraging for insects and invertebrates.
Should have stuffed everything in my suitcase and held it on lap if necessary.
The waters that lap their beaches isolate them from the pipelines and grids that deliver cheaper electricity on the mainland.
They're happy to see you, ride around on your shoulder, jump up on your lap and cry out with little squeals when upset.
The talks before the talks were not exactly a lap of honour, either.
Red showered bars of chocolate on my lap and ordered me to eat.
Imagine you are almost dozing in a lounge chair outside, with a magazine on your lap.
Your correspondent's lap was as good a place as any for one elderly gentleman.
Tape several layers of cardboard together to create lap desks for children.
That's about half a gallon per lap if anyone's keeping track.
Pensions would be based on average pay throughout an employee's working life, rather than in the last lap.
He stopped at one end and picked up a pop-top to show her, then dropped it and did another lap around the bower.
Learning through a computer does seem to work since my high school provided us with lap tops to use and it was effective.
They would sniff me and the puppy curled up in my lap and leave.
The lap harp that she plays at patients' bedsides is not solely meant to create an ambiance, though.
The lap times presented in this video are accurate and the comparison is objective.
On the other hand, you could knock over a cold drink onto their lap a couple of times, and pretend it's an accident.
We do have the education computer, it is called the lap top.
He will try to push his huge head into my lap when he wants to be petted.
Even less well-sized for an adult with a five year old occasionally sitting in his lap.
These sit solely in the lap of our current president.
If people stand up holding coffee, they won't bring their lap tops and stay for eight hours.
He started throwing the ball for her and now she sits on his lap and all the other goodies.
She was sitting on an ivory settee, crocheting something or other, and had her crewels in a shallow willow work-basket in her lap.
If the epicenter and the injection over lap then, yes, it is probable that the injection caused the earthquake.
Seated on a stool with hands folded primly on its lap, it wore a bright pink blazer and gray slacks.
You're now competing with people who put complete application packages in his lap.
There are too many examples of greatness in the face of obstacles and mediocrity in the lap of luxury.
On a side note, one of our cats loves to climb into my lap, and sleep.
As many decisions as possible should be left in the individual's lap, because no one knows your interests better than you do.
Contact with the natives seems mainly with the kind who, for a fee, squirm up and down on your lap.
Between the diners and the ocean is a knee-high stone wall, against which waves lap rhythmically.
He was slowly, slowly completing a lap in the next lane.
He kept his hands folded in his lap and followed the conversation with his eyes.
The little netbook came to the rescue and is now adding an inch or so to the gap between lap and laptop.
The fans spin slower and juice in the battery isn't used to scorch your lap.
He's breathing softly, hands folded neatly in his lap, his head bowed as if in meditation.
But the hot lap that comprises the bulk of the film was shot in one take.
We had to write down each lap time before restarting the timer.
It's still comfortable enough to hold with one hand or rest on your lap.
Living without feedback, even in the lap of luxury, would be for all but a few recluses barely living at all.
The dog is trained to jump in her lap when it senses distress or to rub against her leg if the lap is not available.
Sitting at his kitchen table in a wheelchair, a blanket rests in his lap.
He was involved in a multi-truck wreck on the first lap.
While you lap up the historical commentary, you'll spot seals, dolphins and white-breasted sea eagles.

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